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    Mrs S

    Background : Full Time Tutor
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    Teaching Credential : Ex-MOE School Teacher (Secondary)
    Qualification : University of South Australia

    PHD (1994 - 1998)

    [...] University of Hull

    Master (1991 re - 1993)

    N Tutor is available to teach offline 1-1 tution
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    TUTOR’S BACKGROUND Our writing instructor and full-time Tutor, Mrs S. Paul (PhD, MA, MSc, MBA, Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Certificate in Speech Development and Creative Drama, Certificate in Phonics, Certificate in Autism from Autism Resource Centre Singapore, and Specialist Diploma in Specific Learning Differences from Dyslexia Association of Singapore Academy). She is a former Lecturer, National Institute of Education, Singapore; and former PhD Examiner, The University of Sydney, Australia. She has: more than fifteen years of proven track record in teaching English, lecturing, creative writing, academic essay and thesis writing, and research supervision. More than seven years’ experience in teaching English to students with special learning needs. More than seven years’ experience as consultant in action research methodology for several primary and secondary schools. Contributed more than seven years as editor of a scientific journal. Volunteered as research consultant for secondary students’ science research, and project advisor for school’s community projects. Volunteered as a counsellor for groups of school students-at-risk at primary six, secondary two and JC levels. Many years of past faculty experience: Six years: National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Part-Time Lecturer. Two years: University of South Australia, part-time Doctoral Supervisor. Six years: The University of Newcastle, Australia, Adjunct Professor. One year: Monash University, Faculty of Education, Master’s Degree Field Supervisor. Five years: The University of Sydney, PhD Examiner, Master’s Degree Honorary Associate Supervisor. Six years: Southern Cross University, Australia, PhD Supervisor and Adjunct Visiting Fellow. Two years: LaTrobe University, Australia, Adjunct Senior Lecturer. Teaching experience and strategies for students with special needs: Seven years’ experience of teaching students with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and slow learning ability during my work as a full-time tutor for more than fifteen years. Having taught one-on-one thirteen special needs students to date. Pedagogical approaches used for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders include (1) explicit teaching (including repeated practices and structuring for generalisation and independence) with friendly communication style, (2) individualisation (using the 5-Steps Approach) with accommodation for sensory and self-regulation needs, (3) Differentiated Instruction, (4) Universal Design for Learning, and (5) Self-directed Approach. Strategies adopted for students with dyslexia include (1) using visual and audio-recording supports with listening task and instruction, (2) teaching sound discrimination, phonics and decoding strategies, (3) providing lots of encouragement and patience during speaking, reading and writing tasks, (3) discussing vocabulary and providing motivating materials before reading task, (4) stimulating the sensory pathways (eyes, ears, hands and lips) and vocalising during spelling and writing tasks, (5) teaching irregular words on a whole word basis during writing task, and (6) teaching mind mapping technique and breaking up process into small, manageable steps during writing task. Flexible learning layout and friendly, conducive tuition environment at tutor's classroom.     Lessons to be held at my tuition office, c/o a private preschool, Serangoon North Ave 3, Blk 542B, S(552542).




    Teaching Subjects :


    English, Phonics

    Lower Primary


    Upper Primary


    Lower Secondary


    Upper Secondary


    Junior College

    General Paper


    Marketing, Human Resource, Social Sciences



    Special Needs

    Dyslexia, Autism, Attention Deficit (ADHD)

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