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    Background : Full Time Tutor
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    Certificates Verified

    Tutor has verified their academic qualification based on their stated qualification
    Teaching Credential : Private Tutor (Grade 8 in ABRSM/Trinity)
    Qualification : University of oxford

    Master (Started in 2018)

    [...] University of London

    Bachelor (2015 - 2017)

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    Experience :

    I am an Oxford University graduate student with 5 years of tutoring experience. I received 42 points in the IB with 776 at a higher level. I have excellent feedback from all previous clients. I also run a successful tuition centre in my home country with over 300 students, and I have personally taught over 240 students in my teaching career.

    - Which subject(s) do you teach?

    Ages 15-20y (English and Economics) as well as:

    University Level:
    Business Management

    Many different GCSE subjects
    English Language HL/SL IB and A level
    English Literature HL/SL IB and A level
    Economics HL/SL IB and A level
    Geography SL IB and A Level

    Oxbridge interview preparation and general university preparation, proof-reading and personal statement help

    - Tell me about your qualifications.

    I have taught over 250 students in my career as a tutor and received excellent recommendations from them. Some of the student's Video testimony is also available. I also have the pride of saying that I have run a very successful tuition centre in my home country, Singapore.

    - How much do you charge?

    Discounts for blocks of tutoring has been mentioned. A reduced fee per head applies to groups however this can be discussed on application depending on the requirements of the client.

    - Where do you teach?

    I live in Oxford however I do not offer home tutoring due to the high number of students I have. Some of my students travel to my college to be tutored, however, most of them prefer Skype classes. I am happy to tutor online and have extensive experience in doing so. I have a digital whiteboard which means tutoring online is really no different an experience to being in person and makes it much easier for both student and tutor however I am more than happy to tutor nearby students in person.

    - When are you available?

    Post my exams, I have some new open slots which can be taken up. I can adjust according to the convenient time for both me and the student, as long as it does not affect my classes with my other students. I also hold late evening classes for my Singaporean students.

    - Which ages and levels do you teach?

    All ages from 13 to University level. I have more experience with older students.

    - Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?

    All qualifications- IB, A-Level, GCSE, entrance examinations

    - Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.

    I work through skype- clients can contact me and once arranged I will give the student my contact details and we meet at the arranged time. I have a digital whiteboard so any diagrams can be seen by the student.

    Experienced tutor at University of Oxford . Currently with over 15 JC and University students students. Working CNBC (American News Channel) under Economics and Business News editorial (Journalism). I write business and economicsarticles for newspapers. I am a specialized and experienceduniversity level and IBtutor. Most of my current students are from ACS Independent, UWCSEA, OFS, ACS International, CJC. All my students have seen significant improvements in their results. I m also an tutor in a hostel ACS(I) and tuition center. I also have students from NTU, SIM and Kaplan. My best result has been with a IB student, scoring 4 points before joining me and jumping to 7 points in his main IB paper. - Video Testimonies available upon request. "Vaibz was my tutor and has been one of the coolest tutors I've met. And trust me, I've had alot of experience with tutors! She was very jovial and friendly even on our first day and I was very thankful for that. I was instantly comfortable with her and thus, I could tell her problems I faced with the subject honestly. Vaibz did not just try to stuff me with information, instead she examined the root problem as to why I was not doing well. She soon realised within the first lesson that my studying method was not effective for me. I would previosly read my school notes andtry to remember information. Even if i wrote my own notes, my style of writing my notes did not suit me. After she started tutoring me, she helped me realise that mindmaps and tables worked the best for me. She would teach me how to do mindmaps by helping me layout my mindmap on a particular topic. I jumped from failing in my papers to scoring a B+. "
    Teaching Subjects :


    Mathematics, English, Phonics, Creative Writing

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English

    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, English Literature, English

    Upper Secondary

    English Literature, Accounting, English

    Junior College

    English Literature, General Paper, H1 Economics

    International Baccalaureate

    English Literature, English, Business, Environmental Sci, Extended Essay


    Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource, Finance


    Hindi, English

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