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    Teaching Credential : Ex-MOE School Teacher (Junior College)
    Qualification : National Institute of Education

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    I am a former JC History teacher who taught history from 2008-2009 and 2010-2014.  During this period of time, I have taught many students with poor writing fundamentals, and trained them to write coherently and in depth. Many of them had be taught poor writing fundamentals. Some many of them were led to write excessively long sentences that were difficult to understand. Others were not taught now to use connecting phrases accurately. Many also believed that it was alright to write a paragraph with two topic sentences in the same paragraph (some did not realize that this was what they were doing). My teaching style for History (and for any student that wishes to hire me for GP tuition as well) is simple. I first train students to create arguments using flowcharts. I then train them to summarize all paragraphs into flowcharts. I then train them in the rigor needed to produce good, convincing evidence, before teaching them how to interpret (and evaluate) the examples they provide to suit the argument made. I don’t teach students like many teachers do, which is to spam evidence, and then hope that the argument fits – or to twist the argument to fit the example. This is impractical in real life. I teach them to interpret the evidence to suit the argument they want to create. For GP students (even though that is not my teaching subject), I also teach them how to read paragraphs. Many people read without considering question what the paragraph is trying to answer. As a result, they get confused about the paragraph. My teaching style aims to solve that. (I charge $50/h and above for GP, and $70 and above for History) 
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    Junior College

    History, General Paper

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