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    If this looks strange to you, it's because the formatting has been removed after I pressed 'enter'. Ex teacher here.  Anyway, here are three things about my style of teaching:  1. I emphasize the basics a lot. I will heavily examine every point in an argument, and the examples that back it up. Probably much more stringently than the teachers do. That said, I am pretty confident that even a student from a 'top-tier' JC would find my critique useful. Most students in Singapore simply have very bad writing foundations - even those from top-tier schools.  2. I have notes. To be specific, a very detailed timeline that I have been working on since 2012 3. I don't just tell my students what to do, but also why, and the pros and cons of doing so, so that they can make the decisions for themselves  The advice I give are straightforward. I am confident enough to say that if you don't improve, it is because my instructions are not followed. Either that, or my style does not suit you. It will be very clear which is which by the end of two months. Which means that if it really does not work out, you can drop it worry-free / guilt-free by the end of two months due to my style of teaching. It is that distinctive.  This means that I have students who go from failing to C although he/she only contacted me 2-3 months before the A levels, others who top their class after a year plus, and also students who did not do as well as I hoped. But you will probably know if what I teach helps you after 2 months.  Please note that I only do online sessions for now - which is why the fees demanded are lowered. If COVID-19 improves sufficiently such that my worries ease, and you want face-to-face tuition, the fees will be increased to $100/h. But, of course, we can stay at $75/h online if you wish. The transport fees and convenience makes it a worthwhile trade-off.
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    Junior College

    History, General Paper

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