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    Qualification : Junior College

    (2003 - 2003)


    N Tutor is available to teach offline 1-1 tution
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    I have been teaching chinese & higher chinese since 1994 to pre-school, kindergardern 1 & 2, Primary School, Secondary School, & Junior Colleage students and have taught well over hundreds of students.  In the begginning some of my students expressed a lack of desire and/or interest to pass chinese,  while some of my other students are struggling with the chinese language. Through my interaction with them, as well as encouragement from me and their parents/guardian they started to express interest & joy in learning chinese as well as being determined to obtain an excellent grade rather than just a passable grade. Other than teaching I also provide my students counselling advice in their lives as I belive a teacher should not only be limited to teach his/her academics expertise but provide insight and knowledge as well as adivce on other subjects as well such as life counselling.  
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    Lower Primary


    Upper Primary

    Higher Chinese, Chinese

    Lower Secondary

    Higher Chinese, Chinese, Chinese Literature

    Upper Secondary

    Higher Chinese, Chinese, Chinese Literature

    Junior College

    Higher Chinese, Chinese, Chinese Literature

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