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    Teaching Credential : Ex-MOE School Teacher (Secondary)

    Bachelor (Started in 2018)


    (1978 - 1979)

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    I have been a teacher in a government school for more than 30 years and giving A level chemistry tuition for many years. I have developed effective teaching learning strategies that help students learn and internalize concepts easier and which they apply them to answer exam questions better.

    Below are my students comments about my teaching.
    from J1 CJC 2019 who improved from U to B 68%

    Mr Lim is a committed and dedicated teacher who makes chemistry a joy to learn. His methods has helped me to remember and apply concepts easily and accurately. His eye for details helped me address my weak points and potential error spots and this helped me a lot in my exams. Mr Lim is well versed in the syllabus, and his extensive experience and resources has helped me in preparing for my exams. Mr Lim is not only a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher, he also cares for his students. He gives me the added push and motivates me to do well. I am thankful to have found Mr Lim to coach me in my Chemistry.

    Lucas from VJC scoring A grade improved from E grade during his prelims exam.

    Mr Lim tutored me in Chemistry starting from august and in that short period of time before my A Levels, Mr Lim helped bring my Chemistry Grades from an E grade in prelims to an A grade in GCE A Levels examinations and I have Mr Lim to thank for his years of experience and knowledge and in chemistry. His resource of past year papers and extra unseen practices have helped improve my confidence and provided the rigour needed to improve. Mr Lim is definitely an experienced teacher that is well-grounded in chemistry.

    Bridget from RGS then A levels in RI 2018-2019

    I’ve had a weak foundation in Chemistry since secondary school and in JC I’ve been scoring consistent U’s. However, Mr Lim has helped me improve my Chemistry in the span of about half a year to achieve an A for GCE A level examinations! Before this I was even considering dropping to H1 to cut my losses, but thankfully I persevered and was able to improve my grades in time for the final exam. Mr Lim makes difficult chem concepts easy to understand and devises ways to quickly memorize things like organic chem reactions - which would otherwise be painstaking to remember. He’s a very dedicated teacher that ensured i knew how to answer every ‘type’ of question that could be tested, which greatly increased my confidence and mastery of the subject.
    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science

    Upper Secondary

    Chemistry, Physics, Bio/Chem, Phy/Chem

    Junior College

    H2 Chemistry, H1 Chemistry

    International Baccalaureate



    GCSE, Edexcel, IGCSE, SAT I, TOEFL


    Chemistry, Physics, Bio/Chem, Phy/Chem

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