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  • ID : 22742
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    Jia Wei

    Background : Part Time Tutor
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    Certificates Verified

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    Bachelor (Started in 2015)


    (2013 - 2014)

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    Experience :

    Like many other of my fellow local university undergraduates out there, I am also an individual who is exploring the option of giving tuition as a means to earn some extra income. Despite my lack of experience in this area, I find that I am someone who is willing to come out of my comfort zone, with a determination to complete whichever goals I have set for myself when necessary. If I were to be given a student to teach, I believe my approach will be to first establish an equal sort of platform, whereby my student will be able to feel at ease with me, and be free to ask me questions whensoever (e.g. during off tutoring time). There is really no set approach as to how I will go about teaching, but I think I will first be targetting the student's weaknesses in the relevant subjects and try helping them improve in that area. I am also open to helping my student in other subjects (that may not be my expertise, but as long as if it is within my ability). I will probably also envourage more proactivity from the student, by first asking them to prepare whichever materials they wish to revise for before class. As to my previous achievements, I have attained the JC Merit Bursary during my stint in SJI IB, and the EAGLES (Service) Award in Crescent Girls' School.  

    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, English, Chinese

    Upper Secondary

    Maths E/D, Chemistry, Chinese

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