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    Background : Full Time Tutor
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    Certificates Verified

    Tutor has verified their academic qualification based on their stated qualification
    Teaching Credential : Private Tutor (Grade 8 in ABRSM/Trinity)

    Bachelor (1985 - 1989)

    Y Tutor is available to teach offline 1-1 tution
    img Tutor is available to teach online via our ChampionTutor platform
    Experience :
    I am a dedicated tutor and work cooperatively with both students and parents to tutor and motivate tutees to improve their grades.

    Tutoring for more than 10 years, I have experienced remarkable successes with students - including several with learning and behavioural challenges.

    Listing a few of my recent successes below:

    Biology 0 Lvl & IGCSE - focus on understanding essential knowledge and answering techniques with keywords *student from Crescent - failed Sec3 37marks; after a year of intensive tutoring she scored B3 for O Lvl.

    Other O Lvl students scored btwn A1 to B3.  Currently have 2 S4 students

    My IGCSE Bio students are all in the 85-95% range.

    All my Pr Sc students score at least a B from F after at least 6 months of tutoring. I help them to get a perfect score for MCQ and coach them in answering techniques

    English Primary & Secondary

    Tutor grammar and language with special focus on Writing

    * student from China - failed Sec 3 SA1 - scored B4 for O Lvl after intensive language and grammar tutoring

    *student from Deyi SS - helped her improve grade from C5 to A2

    All my PSLE English students have achieved a min B grade for PSLE.

    For English Students

    I excel in tutoring creative writing and use students’ ideas to help them to organise their ideas, improve plot development and increase range of vocabulary. I also share compositions that I have written as example.

    In addition I provide intensive practice for Paper 2 and oral and give useful guidance on how students can strategize to maximise their grade. Tutee’s ability to apply answering techniques for comprehension and summary writing is honed.  Tutee is required to do weekly homework including exercises on synthesis & transformation and grammar. 

    Teaching Subjects :

    Upper Primary

    Science, English

    Lower Secondary


    Upper Secondary

    Biology, English



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