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    Allison Li Ying

    Background : Full Time Tutor
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    Bachelor (1999 - 2002)


    (1997 - 1998)

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    Experience :
    Have you ever wondered why you hired Mathematics tutors with master qualifications and spent substantial amounts on tuition in the past, but did not get the results you were looking for? This is because quality tuition is not just about the tutor being qualified and good at the subject taught. Quality tuition is about the teacher being able to coach pupils in the subject matter and the skills to conquer stressful exam pressure & psychological fears and limitations such as he/she can never excel in Mathematics! Look no more! My teaching skills are backedby a Distinction grade pass under the CICTL (Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning) program!I integrate time-tested, Cambridge-backed (NIE equivalent) teaching pedagogies into my teaching. These include the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, the constructivist approach to learning and Skemp’s theory which gears my students towards in-depth conceptual understanding over superficial procedural knowledge. ‘Trained teachers know that children and teens are unique and have different strengths and weaknesses.’ It is thus important that educators adapt their teaching methods and strategies to help learners achieve real learning! My teaching is learner-centric! That is, I tailor my lessons to each student’s learning style and pace to bring out the potential best in each student! As I guided my 72 ex-students who have since graduated from ‘O’ levels, IGCSE (extended) & PSLE exams with A1, A2, A*or at the very least a high B, they felt more confident in tackling abstract Mathematics.

    Recent samples from Tutoring Career Portfolio:
    Cavan Yeo Chen Xuan (Maris Stella High School Express Sec 1 Math): from A1 (76 marks) Weighted Assessment 1 to 89.5 marks in Final Year Exam
    Nurin Shazwani (Pasir Ris Secondary, Express ‘E’ and ‘A’ Maths): from E8 (A.Maths), C6 (E.Maths) to B3 (both Maths)
    Joelle Wong Siew Chen (Temasek Secondary, Express ‘E’ and ‘A’ Maths) from D7 (A.Maths), C5 (E.Maths) to A1 (both Maths)
    Germaine Ho Jing En (CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls’ School, N(A) ‘E’ and ‘A’ Maths): from D7 (E.Maths), F9 (E.Maths) to A1 (E.Maths), A2 (A.Maths)
    Natalia Jon Andrews (CHIJ Katong Convent, Express ‘E’ and ‘A’ Maths): from E8 (A.Maths, Sec 3), C6 (E.Maths, Sec 3) to A1 (E.Maths, Sec 4 Prelim), A2 (A.Maths, Sec 4 Prelim), awaiting ‘O’ level results
    Vinidra Senthil Kumar (Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Sec 2 Express Maths) from F9 in Weighted Assessment 2 to A1 in WA3 and B3 in Final Year Exam
    Goh Wan Ting (Pasir Ris Crest Secondary, Express ‘A’ Maths) from D7 (A.Maths) to A1 in O levels
    Claris Seow Jing Wen (Guang Yang Secondary): from C (Psle Grade) to A2 in Weighted Assessment 1, A1 in WA2

    Also,I am reliable as a tutor and a friend. (Before my ex-students had tuition with me, they found themselves to be struggling with even passing their tests and exams! Because they view me as a friend and mentor, they feel comfortable opening up to me about their real challenges. Thus, I am able to help them more effectively) To teach word problems or proving questions that often left my students stumped, I coach my students using question analysis and heuristics. I am well-equipped in imparting the heuristics needed to tackle complex problem sums, to my students. The effective mastery of heuristics enables students to dissect daunting problems into simpler sub-problems which they can solve with confidence. Lastly, I provide and ensure ample variety in my tutorial materials to empower students with maximum exposure. I also have my collection of 'novel, out-of-the-box' Math questions accumulated over my tutoring career. This enhances my students' exam success and improves their ability in tackling a variety of mathematical problems. I look forward tocreating a success story with you!
    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Secondary


    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D

    International Baccalaureate

    Mathematics, Further Math

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