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    I have taught for 6 years as part time tutor. Total number of students are 4, all on Upper Primary Maths. I have also informally (ie without regular lessons) taught my nieces Upper Primary Maths and also Secondary Maths over the years, whenever they need help and guidance. 

    The two more recent tuitions are from 2012 to 2014. One student has improved from 60+ to 80+ in P5. I did not continue with her for PSLE year due to my tight schedule though the father approached me few times, after trying other tutors. The other student initially failed badly in school and was not even allowed to go into mainstream class in tuition centre when he started with me.  He eventually managed to score B in PSLE.

    My friends and my students' parents all feel that I am a keen observer of children as I often give them reminders and feedback about their children and they very much appreciate my inputs as they feel my input has helped them look into areas which they have overlooked. 

    I am also good in Maths. So far, I have scored A, A1 (and A* in PSLE) for all the Maths subjects from Primary School to NUS. I am also able to illustrate very clearly and in a simple way using examples to explain complex concepts to the children. On and off, some friends will also send me maths questions via whatapps and their children can immediately understand my solution by just looking at the answers, without any explanation. 

    I am confident I can teach children effectively, regardless of their proficiency levels. My two previous tuitions from 2012 to 2014 have also proven this.

    Teaching Subjects :

    Upper Primary


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