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    Qualification : DUNMAN HIGH SCHOOL

    (2015 - 2016)


    (2011 - 2014)

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    Having taken my A levels just last year, I understand fully the struggles of my fellow students. I am passionate about the subjects I teach and am eager to ignite the same passion in others. I have consistently performed in the top percentile of my cohort for my subjects, including GP and Chemistry. I topped my cohort in the Year 6 Chemistry March Common Tests and in Year 4 Language Arts. I achieved 7 straight As for my A level examinations. I was selected and have been teaching General Paper to 3 students as part of my school's peer tutoring programme for 3 months. My tutees have shown tremendous improvement in analytical thinking and writing skills. With numerous timed practices and effective strategies I personally used as a JC student in both the essay and AQ, my students have moved far on from messy structures to writing clear, concise and persuasive works. I teach my students to study smart, and answer smart. I also believe that passion leads to results. Every lesson, a quick current affairs summary and discussion will be held. GP isn't just an exam subject, it's a subject that opens your eyes to the complexities of the modern world and teaches you truly lifelong skills. The same can be said for English and Language Arts. As for Chemistry, I don't believe in rote memorisation. Understanding and application is key. I'll be making use of past year papers to help you identify patterns in questions and learn how to apply seemingly complex concepts in various situations. With a specially curated programme for my classes in GP, English, Language Arts and Chemistry, you will most definitely develop the skills needed to achieve that distinction. Achievements: MOE Pre-U Scholarship Singapore Police Force Book Prize Won awards in many academic competitions (contact me for more information, if needed)

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    Lower Primary


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    Lower Secondary


    Upper Secondary

    Chemistry, English

    Junior College

    H2 Chemistry, General Paper, H1 Chemistry


    French, English

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