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    Shi Quan

    Background : Part Time Tutor
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    Experience :

    I’m currently waiting to enter NTU as an undergraduate student, having ORD several months ago. I will be majoring in English Literature, under a college scholarship. Back in Anglo-Chinese Junior College, I studied English Literature and English Linguistics, being a part of the English Linguistic Scholarship as well. So I’m familiar with the intricacies and technicalities of the English language, and am confident in imparting knowledge useful for my students to score well. Nowadays, there’s a huge emphasis placed on creative-thinking skills. I believe for a student to excel in their academics, and not just getting good grades, he or she must be able to think flexibly. At an age where their mind starts to grow exponentially (for primary school and secondary school students), it should be of utmost importance to start nurturing creative and critical thinking skills in them. This would build a robust foundation of language skills within them, that will surely help them in the future. Having said that, I still will focus on their grades as well. I believe, more than anything else, in the fruits of hard work. If the student is willing to push themselves hard enough, then I will definitely work hard in getting the grades they deserve as well. Small improvements are encouraged also – my students need not improve tremendously from the start. From a D to a C, from a C to a B, small improvements are cumulative, and will generate a positive impact on the student’s mindset towards the subject they want to strongly improve on.

    Teaching Subjects :

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    English Literature, English

    Upper Secondary


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