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    Amelia Ang

    Background : Part Time Tutor
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    Bachelor (Started in 2014)

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    Experience :

    I have taught my peers since I was younger till now, but have taught about 2-3 students in the past and took a break for studies and exchange programme, taught in economics, e maths and primary schools all topics. Their results were stable after my teaching and improved to get at least Bs. These were all private tuition. I taught students in primary and secondary school before, whilst JC was for a friend’s sister and did not receive money for it—but her grades improved after I taught her tips and how to understand certain graphs which was hard for her to grasp in economics terms. It was through visual representations and examples of our daily lives that helped her understand the topic and subject better.

    Ialso managed to get into the Dean's list the semester before I left for exchange programme and this is a drastic change from my less-than-desirable results during A levels period.My belief in the importance of understanding concepts instead of memorising them has helped me imrpove my grades from my A levels results to my current ones and i hope to teach the same concept of learning, not mugging to students.

    I believe in helping students by first befriending them, and creating rapport. Only when they trust you to help them, will you be able to get your words across. I find that this is extremely useful to get to students now as everyone tends to trust those they are friends with other than just another tutor. Once I gained their trust, it is thus easier to impart information into them and understand their learning style, which then teaches me on how to reconcile the syllabus with their learning styles for their maximum benefit. For visual learners, I often make them draw things or create maps for them to better remember with different colors and for visual learners, I ensure that my teachings were understandable and clear, so as not to confuse them and mistakenly learn the wrong things. Overall, I love teaching as I find that it is very meaningful as I get to interact with the students and see them improve, and with that it brings them both happiness and me, satisfaction.

    Teaching Subjects :


    Mathematics, English, Chinese, Phonics

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science, Chinese

    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, Science, Higher Chinese, English, Chinese

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science, English, Chinese

    Upper Secondary

    Maths E/D, Biology, History, Bio/Chem, Social Studies

    Junior College

    H2 Economics, H1 Economics

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