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    Qualification : RAFFLES JUNIOR COLLEGE

    (2015 - 2016)

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    I have a passion for teaching chemistry and biology as I believe that the twin disciplines are, by themselves, highly intuitive and visual, making them very easy to understand - It should only take the right form of teaching and explanation to overcome hurdles in understanding, which I believe is the precursor to effective memorization and scoring of better grades. I like to use analogies to explain Biology because it is a subject of systems and processes that need simplification and reference to more relatable real-life things for faster understanding and internalization. Likewise for chemistry, I like to use models and figures to bring out molecular geometry, and again, analogies to explain more abstract concepts like perhaps Markovnikov's rule for Organic chemistry. I intend to perfect the tutee's understanding of the topic at hand before explaining tips on how to more easily memorize dry and unintuitive information. I do not have teaching experience in tuition centres or schools but I have taught my friends on a regular basis back in school, and I remember them as pleasant experiences. I myself believe that no one should be weak at chemistry and biology because there are few hard and abstract concepts to understand - it only takes that one perfectly relatable and intuitive explanation for the student to go : "Ohh ya!".  
    Teaching Subjects :

    Upper Secondary

    Biology, Chemistry, Bio/Chem

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