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    Bachelor (Started in 2018)


    (2014 - 2015)

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    I am a Chemical Engineering NUS undergraduate. I taught a student and helped him with his O levels (chem) in 2018. He improved from F9 to B3. He also consulted me on math. I am a patient tutor and my style of teaching is to make sure the student understand concepts well so that he/she can tackle questions correctly. For weaker students, I plan to go through the contents slowly in a very detailed manner and test the student's understanding through workbook examples/exam questions. This way, I can be sure that the student managed to grasp the concept well and able to tackle questions on his own before moving on to the next topic. For stronger students, I plan to go through more exam questions to prepare the student for exams by having more exposure. In addition, I can teach the topics that are not being taught in school yet so that the student can be ahead in his class. This would be effective as I will be moving at a pace that is appropriate to the student. I have experience in teaching and helping fellow friends and classmates to understand concepts being taught in school. Apart from A levels, I also took IELTS in 2014 and achieved score of 8.0/9.0. This would further prove my English capabilities. In addition, I was an officer during National Service. This means that I have experience in explaining things to other people. This also improves my interpersonal skills and public speaking. I believe that these skills will help me connect to the students well so that he/she can understand the things that I am explaining. At the same time, I can motivate the student to study more so that he/she can do better in school.
    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science

    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, Science

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D, Chemistry, Physics, Phy/Chem

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