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    Qualification : Delhi University

    Bachelor (2017 - 1997)

    MD University India

    (1997 - 1998)

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    Hi,Ihavebeen a primary teacher for the past 16years teaching children between the ages five to fourteen.I taught Mathematics,Science,Hindi,English,and Social studies alongwith assisting children in developing confidence & social skills. I have preparedstudents for various competitions,quizzes,scholarship exams and I can proudly say that they exceeded all expectations in those. I totally believe that primary years are the base-building years of a student's life and a little support & encouragement given in these yearsgoes a long way in a child's life. Also, each child is different and thus I prefer teaching everyone according to their needs as to optimisetheir learningto the maximum. My lessons are bespoke and fun.My children excel not only academically but they develop a positive attitude towards learning. I am a diligent and hard working teacher who is passionate about teachingand learning and I totally believe in delivering results. Mathematics and Science are subjects based on logical thinking and thus cannot be taught like the languages. One definitely needs to develop a scientific attitude to excel in these subjects and that's where my strengths lie. Consistent practice and guidance helps the students a lot in these subjects.In languagesI teach through various activities,task and assignments to suit the tutee. Equal emphasis is given on Oral practice in languages.In languages extra focus is given on Composition,Comprehension &Grammer and in Mathematics development of concepts follows a lot of practice questions and problem solving. Maths is always about understanding and consistent practice under clear guidance and that's what I emphasise. My teaching is always driven by the knowledge & skills needed to excel in the subject .The weekly homework task is set in sync with whatever is done in the class with me. PSLE focused. Special classes for P5 & P6for developing Science & Maths concept clarity & practice.
    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science, Hindi, English

    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, Science, Hindi, English



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