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  • ID : 26459
    Name :

    Yuhui Benjamin

    Background : Full Time Tutor
    RATING :


    Bachelor (2017 - 2017)

    Junior College

    (1995 - 1996)

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    Experience :

    I'm effectively bilingual in English & Chinese. I have 11 years of experience coaching students in O Levels, Integrated Programme, A Levels, IB Curriculum and students doing their diploma in International Business or Finance in local Polytechnics.


    For A Levels, I taught 2 Innova JC students A Levels H2 Chemistry/Physics in 2016; an Anderson JC student in A Levels H2 Math/Chemistry and a Nanyang JC student in A Levels H2 Math/Chemistry/Biology in 2017 with stellar results.


    For IB, I coached a Vietnamese male student & a China Chinese male student in 2015, who scored 42/45 and 41/45 respectively from ACS International. I coached them in HL Physics, HL Math & HL Economics. I also had a Vietnamese female student in 2016 also from ACS International, who attained a score of 41/45 for her IB exams. I coached her in English, Physics & Chemistry

    Another IB student whom I coached and assisted from SJI (Independent),  scored a grade of 7 for both IB Economics and Chemistry, with a total score of 43/45 in the recent results released in January 2020.

    I had coached and currently teaching local Secondary & JC students as well as independent school students such as ACS (Independent) and SJI (Independent) to prepare them for their O Levels, A Levels and IB in English, Chinese, Triple Sciences, Economics & Mathematics.


    My notable achievements include helping students from Normal Academic stream to get into junior colleges (JC) or the desired course in Polytechnic. Secondary (Express) students I had tutored previously, all made it to the top 10 JCs in Singapore with L1R5 of 12 and below.


    I impart my beliefs, skills and pedagogy by explaining the concepts to my students in a clear and concise manner; sharing with them ways to learn and apply their concepts smartly and get the best out of every student.



    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science, Geography, Higher Chinese, English

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Higher Chinese, English, Chinese, Bio/Chem, Phy/Chem

    Junior College

    H2 Chemistry, H2 Physics, H2 Economics, Chinese, General Paper, H2 Math, H1 Math, H1 Physics, H3 Physics, H1 Chemistry, H1 Biology, H1 Economics

    International Baccalaureate

    Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, English, Chinese, Business


    Mechanical Engin, Medicine, Finance


    French, Chinese, English



    Special Needs

    Dyslexia, Attention Deficit (ADHD)

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