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    I've taught students part time both after my O and A level exams.   As a student who went through our very own education system not too long ago, I fully comprehend the difficulties and needs of a struggling Singaporean student. Admittedly, I myself was no model student in school or in class and had my own fair share of struggles with academics because I wasn't the most hardworking one. However, whenever the going got tough and crunch time was nearing, I never failed to pull myself up out of the gutters and always did well for the nationwide exams, regardless of how bad my results were previously in common tests. This was achieved all by my own study methods and revision, without the help of any tuition. As such, I have received many awards such as MOE bursaries and a multitude of good improvement awards - something that I can help other students achieve as well. The students who were previously under my charge have shown remarkable improvement in their related subjects and displayed a stronger and more profound understanding of the material at hand.  I will be going on to pursue Medicine at NUS the following year.
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