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    Background : Part Time Tutor
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    Certificates Verified

    Tutor has verified their academic qualification based on their stated qualification
    Qualification : RAFFLES JUNIOR COLLEGE

    (2016 - 2017)

    NS Tutor is available to teach offline 1-1 tution
    img Tutor is available to teach online via our ChampionTutor platform
    Experience :
    - No prior tutoring experience but I'm really good at explaining concepts to others.

    - Recipient of the School-Based Scholarship offered by MOE to PRC students (SM1 scholarship) which covered 4 years of study

    - Attained three level-tops in Sec3 (Emath, Literature in Chinese and Higher Chinese) and three level-tops in Sec4 (Amath, Chemistry and Literature in Chinese)

    - Recipient of Ellice Handy Medal GCE O-Level (by MGS)

    - Recipient of Year 5 Promotional Examination Academic Excellence Award (by RI)
    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Higher Chinese, Chinese, Chinese Literature

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Chemistry, Higher Chinese, Chinese

    Junior College

    H2 Chemistry, Chinese, H2 Math

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