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    Qualification : INNOVA JUNIOR COLLEGE

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    (2018 - 2015)

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    My first teaching experience would be when I coached young kids and conducted an Art shrinking workshop at Popular Bookfest. The children I interacted with were around 4-8 years old and I found that I liked teaching these young children especially since I generally like interacting with children. Apart from that, I've recently graduated and collected my results from JC scoring an A for H2 History. History has always been a subject I've excelled in and have topped my cohort regularly. Thus I would like to impart my studying methods and tips to students who are struggling for I know that History is not an easy subject. I have an abundance of resources and essays that have been written by myself to aid the student should he or her need reference. Also, along with such results, I have managed to help a close friend who has regularly scored Us for History score a B at A levels. I was able to help her with her weak analysation skills for Source Based Questions (SBQs) and thus managed to help her improve overall on her History grade. Alongside that, she has also shared that my self-written history notes have been useful especially in the memorisation of historical dates and prominent historical figures. Aside from all my academic achievements, I am also a student leader through Secondary and JC days and hence would possess the relevant values and skills to manage my tutee. Furthermore, my personable self, can help provide students with a listening ear should their studying/school life ever get tough. Having been through their position, Im confident that I will be able to help them get over their stumbling blocks to emerge a better and more confident individual. Back in JC, I topped the cohort for history and also went on the dean's list twice. Given that I take Arts/Humanities in JC, I'm confident of my language and ability to teach language based subjectsl As such, I would really hope to tutor students for JC for their H1/H2 History, and/or help younger pre-school children with their basic English and Math to enable an easier transition into primary school.
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    Mathematics, English, Chinese, Phonics

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, English, Chinese

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    Upper Secondary


    Junior College


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