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              Started teaching since 19 years old, with more than 10 students so far. Have taught a range from primary to secondary school children, for English, Math, Chinese and Science.  Students I've taught had grades improved, even moving to top of their class. Forte is in languages (PSLE English, Chinese = A*. PSLE Higher Chinese = Distinction. O Levels Higher Chinese = A2. A Levels General Paper, English Literature, Economics = A).  Currently teaching one P1 (Math), one Grade 2 (EMS), one P2 student (EM), one P3 (Chinese) and another P4 (English).    I’m an extremely patient tutor and I give my students a lot of encouragement and praise when it’s due. Hence my students all feel very comfortable and at ease with me during the lessons, and they really open up to me and tell me what they understand and don’t understand. All my student’s parents on hand have given me good feedback regarding this.    Just some examples of good experiences I’ve had recently. - I have a P2 kid who was able to speak, but not able to read and write English. After just 3 lessons, the student was able to read a simple book on her own. Her parents also said that her English definitely improved a lot after our lessons started.  - I have a P4 student with whom I started teaching just as her exams were about to begin. Her dad was very thankful because the tips I gave really helped the student perform better during her exams. She improved from 78% (P3) to 85% (P4).
    Teaching Subjects :


    Mathematics, English, Chinese

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English, Chinese


    Chinese, English

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