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    Bachelor (2014 - 2017)


    (2010 - 2012)

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    I specialised in maths tuition and I have been teaching for about 6 years now. I have taught primary school to JC students before, including PSLE, O Levels, N Levels and A Levels. I believed that all kids can do well academically, given the right method and putting in the effort. I am not a tutor that just impart subject knowledge to students, I believed in helping students to become a better version of themselves through coaching and mentoring. Under my coaching, my students have gained confidence and improved their results.

    Teaching Philosophy

    My teaching philosophy is to teach your child how to fish, rather than giving them the fishes. Maths is really a fun and interesting subject once students understand certain fundamentals and patterns. I am not the usual teacher that just feed students answers, I will patiently guide them to find the answers themselves.

    Academic achievement

    A2 for EMaths and AMaths

    A for JC H2 Maths

    NTU EOS Scholarship


    -Go through overview of concepts and assign homework to students.

    -Impart problem-solving and troubleshooting techniques, rather than regurgitating concepts.

    -Motivate students and impart good learning techniques in memory & time management.

    -Goal setting

    - Understand students and coach them to reach their goals

    -Conduct on-demand personalized intensive boot camp to train memory & troubleshoot common mistakes made by students to achieve breakthrough in results


    I was Ms Liu's student from 2013 to 2015. Under her guidance, I achieved a B4 in my N Level math, despite multiplefailures from sec 1 leading up to sec 4 because of my extremely weak foundation. Despite the long hours of tuition and going through my mistakes in countless practice papers and questions, Ms Liu'sconstant guidance and patience towards me helped me secure passes in my math tests in school and at the N Levels. She is a good communicator and always encourages me to never give up even when times are tough. Because of her guidance, I did not stop practicing math and I realised that math is a beautiful subject once you understand it.

    -Zelda (student)

    My name is Thao My. I came to Singapore to study Secondary 3.

    Before I have my tuition with Ms Liu, I was struggling with Maths. I did not understand Maths and I have never gotten above 40% for all my school papers. It came to a point I was afraid of Maths and hating Maths. After engaging Ms Liu to help me prepare for my O Level Exams, my interest for Maths increased. At times when I was stressed about not knowing how to do the questions, Ms Liu was always there to encourage and cheer me up. I improved a lot and I was not scared of Maths anymore.

    I have been lucky to have a tutor like Ms. Liu who taught me far more than the syllabus. She has completely changed my life by believing in me and caring for me. Sometimes she gave me a candy bar or chocolate and a notebook for Children day enclosed with a lovely letter. Ms. Liu also texted me frequently to ask for my studies or whether I need any help. Those little things were actually something that motivated me and it shows that she cares about her students.

    She made me realize that I can actually do well in Math regardless of a natural affinity or being “good at math”. I studied with Ms. Liu for about seven months and she was like my friend who never give up on me and taught me that I should never give up on myself.

    -Thao My (Student)
    Teaching Subjects :

    Upper Primary


    Lower Secondary


    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D



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