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    (2016 - 2017)

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    General Paper is easily one of my favourite subjects in school. GP is considered a "whole paper" as it tests a student's vocabulary (allocating a large proportion on language), a key ingredient in today's world that is placing more emphasis on communication skills. It also engages the student deeply in current affairs, and tests heavily on a student's knowledge of today's world, not just in the essay component, but in the comprehension section as well (under application question).


    Through the normal JC experience, I have found many inadequacies of current teaching styles in preparing students for this test. Hence, I sought to change such methods of teaching and have devised my own teaching pedagogy that focuses on ensuring students have the necessary exam skills, before equipping them with the knowledge required to stand out amongst the average scripts.


    While I certainly have had my ups of obtaining deans lists (97th percentile in my batch in exams) and downs (meagre comprehension and essay marks) in GP, I believe that ultimately, the factor that lead me towards obtaining great results in GP was the interest that I had in the subject. I am extremely sure that this is true for all students. Therefore, my sole requirement from any student is to have such an interest and drive to wish to improve THEIR own results.
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    Junior College

    General Paper

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