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    Bachelor (Started in 2017)


    (2015 - 2016)

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    Hello there! I'm Bria and am currently studying Business at the National University of Singapore. I have taken H2 Mathematics, H2 Physics and H2 Chemistry for A Levels and achieved As for both H2 Mathematics as well as H2 Physics. As I do not have prior tutoring experience, I am willing to accept fees lower than the market rate. However, I have always enjoyed helping my fellow peers with their studies and the immense sense of satisfaction I get when they manage to understand/solve a problem is the reason that spurs me to want to teach. I would describe my teaching method as systematic as well as very practice and demonstration-based. Most subjects require students to continually practice and be exposed to diffferent variations of questions in order to build up a strong foundation of concepts, and this is the success factor of students who do well. I aim to focus on building a strong foundation for my students through demonstrating how common problems can be solved using concepts and giving them consistent practice to apply their knowledge. I would describe myself as a patient and dedicated tutor, and one who is willing to try all possible ways in order for my students to understand what they are learning. I believe in tailoring my teaching methods to suit individual students to bring out the best in every one of them. I also strive to make learning fun, easy and engaging as possible so that they would think of studying as less of a chore and would want to learn more.

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    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science

    Upper Secondary

    Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Phy/Chem

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