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    I've only helped teach my 2 siblings and classmates so far. I've also helped teach some juniors when I was in secondary school. In this sense, I'm unable to produce an actual figure as to how many students I have taught, but I can promise you that I put in my heart and soul into teaching whoever I'm teaching. I've taught mostly Chinese and Maths and Science subjects so far, and I've helped my friend for his O'levels, improving from a C5 in Prelims to a A1 during O'levels without other tuition. We would sit down after school and he would clarify any doubts with me, and I would teach him from the beginning to ensure there is no conceptual mistakes.  For Science and Maths subjects, I believe the secret is to break down every concept to it's core, and understand fully why each and every step is taken Whatever we learn in the textbooks are the results of that process, which are usually skipped in classrooms due to time constraints. I would usually go through these steps with whoever I'm teaching to ensure they understand why everything are the way they are, so that they will be confident to apply each and every formula/concept to any kind of questions they face. For languages, I believe that the secret is to read more books and have great exposure. With that in mind, I would recommend reading large quantities of books and getting a better grasp of the language. I would then explain each unique phrasing and new vocabulary to them, to allow them to apply these knowledge to their own texts.This method has served me well and allowed me to constantly maintain my chinese results around A for school based exams. These are my philosophy for the subjects I offer tuitions for. I hope the above offers a glimpse into what I hope to provide for your child, and I look forward to us working together! Thank you so much for your time!
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    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, Higher Chinese, Chinese

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Chinese

    Upper Secondary

    Maths E/D, Physics, Higher Chinese, Chinese



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