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  • ID : 28591
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    Woon Kiat

    Background : Part Time Tutor
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    Certificates Verified

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    Bachelor (Started in 2016)


    (2011 - 2014)

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    Experience :
    Helping one to improve and eventually be independent are skills which I have always strive to cultivate in my students. Ever since I began my career as a tutor, students' well-being and attitude have become a major part of my life. I have always tried my best to adapt to their needs and ensure that the necessary knowledge is imparted. As a strong believer of independent learning, I relentlessly encourage and guide my students to achieve goals that they wish to achieve now or in the future. As a tutor, I am there to guide and if they do wish to be independent or decide to change a tutor for a supposed better outcome, I would gladly accept since I have done my part in their learning process. During my years of teaching since 2011, I have students achieving distinction for Chemistry from failing grades, achieving a much anticipated pass, as well as students who discover their love towards certain subjects that they previously disliked. Although I have yet to produce any magnificent achievements, I am willing to sacrifice for my students. I am willing to commit for them since they have done their part in sacrificing their time and effort to improve.
    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science

    Upper Secondary

    Maths E/D, Chemistry, Bio/Chem, Phy/Chem

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