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    Bachelor (Started in 2015)

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    Educational Achievements: - Achieved Director's List throughout my poly years and achieved the silver medal (came in second in 2015 graduating cohort) from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP). Graduated with Diploma in Marketing with Merit, scoring a cGPA of 3.95/4.0. - Graduated with Honours in Bachelor in Business (Marketing) from Nanyang Technological University, NTU. Tutoring Background: Passionate in teaching. Patient with students and loves to guide primary and secondary students in their studies. Experienced in dealing with students with special needs (dyslexia/ADHD). Has 5 years of teaching experience with young children and currently still teaching them. Actively engages students very well and make learning more interesting for them. Targeted at highly customised, effective teaching, suitable for child’s learning and pace. Specialised in Primary & Secondary school syllabus (all subjects standard and foundation), (all levels: Pre-school, Pri, Sec, IB) Tutoring Experiences: • More than 5 years of tutoring experiences • Also includes: relief teaching in schools and private tutoring • Tuition experiences: P1-6 Eng/Math/Chi/Science, Sec1-4 Eng/Math/Chi/Science • Subjects include: - Pre-school: Eng/Math/Chi - Primary: Eng/Math/Chi/Sci - Lower Sec: Eng/Math/Chi/Sci - Upper Sec: E Math/Chi Beliefs: “You never try, you never know. Don't be afraid of failures. Treat every failure as a stepping stone towards success.” Track records: -Sec 2 student who failed English got B3 after 3 months of lessons once weekly. Consistently improving and able to grasp concepts faster now. Managed to arouse her interest for the subject as well. -Primary 6 Chinese Foundation student who has mild dyslexia and ADHD improved from a fail grade of 30/100 to Band 3 and scored at least 60 in recent exam. Achieved A in prelim oral. Previously was faced with major difficulties in reading, but now, he was able to read and recognise more words. Improved in writing Chinese characters as well. -Sec 1 student who has been scoring borderline passes in Science and Chinese, manages to score 70+/100 for Chinese and 80/100 for Science during the recent final exams. Previously, student did not even like Chinese and was not open to speaking Mandarin during lessons. But now, she engages very well during conversations and has the motivation to speak up more in Mandarin. -P3 student who has been failing English and Chinese, scoring 30/100 previously, managed to score above 60 for both subjects during the final year exams after 4 months of lessons, twice weekly -P5 student who has mild ADHD/Dyslexia has been failing Chinese and Maths, scoring 10/100. Previously, had major problems forming simple sentences and recognising words. Now, for Chinese, he is able to recognise and read simple words and phrases. Showed huge improvement in remembering words and writing Chinese characters. Knows Hanyu Pinyin very well now, moreover, he is able to speak up and describe verbally in oral conversations. For Math, he is able to work on problem solving without much guidance. Able to comprehend and apply different solutions to the questions. -P2 Non-Chinese speaking student got full marks for Chinese test and spelling within 1 month. Before teaching him, his foundation was weak, but now he can engage in conversational mandarin and uses phrases more appropriately. More keen towards the subject as well. -P6 Student who got D for English in P6 beginning of the year managed to get a B in PSLE. Currently still teaching him on secondary level. -K2 Australian, Non-Chinese speaking student able to form complete sentences within 2 weeks of teaching. Taught him phonics as well, able to use Han Yu Pin Yin appropriately and pronounced words very clearly. Achieved full marks in weekly spelling and engaged more during lessons.
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    Mathematics, English, Chinese, Phonics

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English, Chinese

    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, Science, Higher Chinese, English, Chinese

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Chinese

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Chinese

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