Private Universities in Singapore

Top 10 Private Universities in Singapore

College education is of utmost importance for individuals. Students aim to secure a place in colleges like the National University of Singapore, but don’t realise that there are other greater universities as well. There are various private universities in Singapore that provide good quality education. College education encourages individuals to be critical thinkers and the knowledge that they gain

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math tuition

Top 20 Math Tuition Options In Singapore

It is common knowledge that Singapore has a ‘tuition culture’ among its students and consequently, the parents of said students. After all, it’s only natural that parents want the best for their children and are willing to support any means to help better their education!  Singaporeans rank 3rd worldwide when it comes to tuition spending,

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Polytechnics in Singapore

An Overview: Polytechnics in Singapore

For many students, taking the first step into a new educational institution is almost always a daunting experience. This is especially true if the environment of said institution is seemingly completely unfamiliar and new!  It would appear that as we get older and continue to progress through our education journey, the more we are left

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Financial support

Financial Support for Singapore’s lower to middle-income students

Low-income families seem to struggle with the idea of giving the best education for their children as there are a fear that their children may miss out on opportunities. However, it is important for parents to understand that Singapore’s education system does not deprive low-income household children of opportunities. There are many tuition agencies that provide free tuition

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