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Business Vs Economics Degree: Which is Better in Singapore?

The most common question that home tuition teachers (especially JC tutors) get asked is about tertiary education and career options. Economics tutors get bugged even more about the career options following a degree in Economics as it’s unknown territory. Globalisation is causing the world to become a smaller place with increased competition, and the corporate landscape has a liking

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video games help students learn

How Do Video Games Help Students Learn?

You would have probably seen tutoring agencies display ads on preventing video gaming addiction and posters by the government which encourage students to play outdoors rather than hooking up to controllers. Video games are often notorious for their ill-effects on children including spoiling their eyesight and encouraging violence. Ever since the introduction of video games

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Home tuition singapore

7 Benefits of Working as a Home Tutor

Home tuition jobs in Singapore has gained prominence and many students seek help for almost all subjects as the method of studying has drastically changed. This can be owed to the changes in expectations of students as well as the changes in education syllabus which encourages students to be critical thinkers. So needless to say,

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How to Overcome Study Burnout

How to Overcome Study Burnout?

Study burnout is a type of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that reduces motivation and accomplishment. But it’s not the same as merely feeling worried about your upcoming test. Academic burnout is a specific issue where students feel so overwhelmed that they have almost no chance of meeting expectations. However, it’s not always easy to

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