3 Types of Intelligence and How to Master Them

Do you analyze the situation before acting? Do you have more than one solution to any problem? Do you act according to the immediate environment and social context?

Congratulations! Having one or all of these abilities makes you an intelligent person, at least according to the triarchic theory of intelligence.

3 Types Of Intelligence

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This is one of the popular theories to measure one’s intelligence. American psychologist Robert Sternberg proposed the triarchic theory to describe the distinct types of intelligence in an individual: analytical intelligence, creative intelligence, and practical intelligence. The theory is seen as a significant blend of the various theories of intelligence.

3 Types of Intelligence and How to Master Them

Sternberg argued that a person’s intelligence is determined by his adaption to the changing environment and how he contributes to shaping the world around him. If intelligence is properly defined and measured, as Sternberg believes, it may lead one to succeed in life.

Analytical Intelligence:

Analytical Intelligence

As the name suggests, this form of intelligence is all about analyzing, judging, comparing, evaluating and assessing information to arrive at a solution. The brain starts processing information when you are in this mode. It is thus not surprising that individuals with high analytical intelligence are better able to conceptualize a solution. Also known as componential intelligence, analytical intelligence is measured by IQ tests and academic achievements.

Creative Intelligence:

Creative Intelligence

How do you react to the novel situations or new problems?

Here you need to create ideas and solutions using your existing knowledge and skills. This way, you are using your creative intelligence or experimental intelligence. You must have seen how James Bond uses his intelligence and skills to cope up with unusual problems in a new place. With creative intelligence, you can solve riddles, do artwork, adjust to the new environment and find new ways to do new things efficiently.

Practical Intelligence:

Practical Intelligence

Call it being a worldly wise or street smart, practical intelligence helps you survive in this cynical world, especially among unethical people. In short, it is all about accomplishing daily tasks in the real world.

Your practical intelligence is determined by how you relate to your external environment, how do you deal with routine experiences and how you avoid being manipulated.

For example, you want to purchase a home. As you don’t want to be taken advantage of, you will go through several price comparisons to make sure that your estate agent provides you with a fair price. Practical intelligence is gained by learning from the past experiences and utilizing that knowledge at the right time.

How to Master Triarchic Theory of Intelligence?

These are the three types of intelligence described by Sternberg in his triarchic theory of intelligence. We all have a certain amount of each type of intelligence. Some are high on creative intelligence; some excel at analysis. However, you need to balance all intelligence types to become smarter.

In fact, all types of intelligence interrelate with each other. Your ability to analyze information helps you encounter new problems. To perform routine tasks in the real world, you need to use both analytical intelligence and creative intelligence. Whatever your circumstances are, you can combine all three forms to arrive at an optimal solution. You can then best identify the problem, come up with appropriate solutions, and execute them effectively.

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