4 ways Singapore Learning space enhances learning unexpectedly

Knowledge is power, and we all know this. It’s the bright flame that removes the darkness of ignorance. Education is what leads to knowledge and it is essential for all children to live their right to go to school. In a country like Singapore, all children no matter how they are, are provided with equal opportunity to study and excel. Beyond providing the basic right, the Singapore education system always aims to provide the best as well. From careful crafting of educational policies to constructing syllabi for the various subjects and courses and arranging workshops for tutors; everything is being done to provide the best.

Singapore learning space

Source: Indiatoday

Learning space is something that is quite famous in Singapore and it’s being widely accepted, welcomed and utilised by many tuition teachers, as well as schools. Learning space is typically called online learning and as we all generally know, if utilised in the right way, it is highly beneficial. Years ago, this was unheard of, by today, thanks to technology, virtual learning is possible.

So, let’s look at 4 ways in which learning space is advantageous!


Learning is often associated with a boring lecture or a teacher screaming at the top of her voice in a noisy classroom. There is often a lack of a conducive environment for interesting and engaging lessons and hence it’s probably the reason why many students underperform; which is not a justification for their capacity and capability.

This is certainly much different from that of traditional classroom learning. This can be also like a flipped classroom, whereby all the learning happens online and there is no teacher who is physically present to teach. In a way, this encourages independent learning as well.


Yes, books can teach us a lot. But when it comes to the online platform, there is easy accessibility and lots of time gets saved since information can be retrieved from the internet very quickly. Outside of class, students watch videos and other online materials which give detailed explanations of abstract concepts which is something like how a teacher would explain during a lecture or a tutor during tuition sessions.

In class, students will work based on what they watched outside school hours; which includes participating in activities and discussions, and clearing the doubts with teachers and asking for clarifications from them. Hence, the online learning space is an opportunity that widens students’ horizon and it aids schoolwork to a great extent as well.



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Students are so used to (and probably bored of) the same kind of teaching style being adopted by every teacher; that is, to lecture a topic, give some questions to practice and end of the lesson with some wise advice. In a learning space setting, tutors can give skills-based instruction outside the classroom. For example, in English classes, teachers can instruct their students to utilise vocabulary and grammar online programs or activities to hone their skills, then use class time for much more rigorous activities such as timed essay writing practices, revision of topics and analysis of texts. Teachers can also create educational videos and share them with the class. This will keep students on their toes during the lessons and there is no way boredom could kick in!


There’s a lot to learn and one can never be done with learning. Learning space creates the opportunity to explore and identify what one knows and doesn’t know. There is a huge scope for interest to be sparked because certainly, curiosity will be created when one identifies his learning gaps. The learning space will indeed stretch the potential of an individual to extents to which nobody can anticipate or even possibly think of.


Everything has its own pros and cons; that’s the law of nature. Proper utilisation of resources and grasping opportunities when they present themselves is essential; that will pave the path to success.