4 Ways to Encourage your Kid for Music

Playing any instrument has been known to increase the cognitive skills of a child. Music has never been known to have any bad side effects on a childs growth and development. Music teachers Singapore have been preaching this belief for two decades now. However children have a short span of attention and need to be pushed slightly to maintain their interest in a hobby or the learning of music. Exposing a child to the world of music is just the first step, the bigger challenge that parents face is to foster the child’s interest in music.

4 Ways to Encourage your Kid for Music

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Let’s look at some simple solutions to this problem –

1. First encounter

In most cases, it is the parents who encourage children to learn music. In some other instances children get inspired by other children, friends, and school to learn music. However, learning music takes effort, time and money. The parents need to be clear about their reason for supporting this interest and encourage the child only if they can afford it. Older children get interested due to peer pressure and may see it as a reason for social acceptance. There is no guilt in asking your child to take lessons in order to make money out of the profession later. The important thing to remember is that push the child only if he or she show genuine interest and talent in music.

2. Calm The Nerves And Teach How To Focus

A child who is not performing well in academics stands to benefit from developing a hobby like playing an instrument or learning music. A music course in Singaporecan help making music a lifelong hobby in a child. Parents should see music classes as an opportunity to spend quality time with their children. They can encourage the child by sitting in his practice session or even take lessons with him. Motivate and praise the child at every stage so that he feels inspired to do well and does not give up half way. An alternative option to spend his energy will clam his nerves and make him a better student in the long run.

3. Glimpses into Other Cultures and Traditions

For children who are interested in geography and cultures of other countries, music is the perfect way to teach them about it. Children should be encouraged to be compassionate and empathetic towards other people and in the long run they will learn to respect all fellow human beings. The child will soon start thinking creatively and be more dedicated towards practice and lessons. Institutes of music education Singapore are encouraging parents to take these culturally charged classes with their children to help develop a stronger child and parent relationship.

4. Solution For Self Expression

Children who are shy and introverts find music as a perfect solution for self expression. They feel secure of their existence and when motivated by the parents bloom into fine individuals. Music provides them the connection with their inner self and raises their self esteem. It is the parents responsibility to make the child feel safe and confident.