5 Brain Foods To Help You During Exams

5 Best Brain Foods To Help You During Exams

Eating healthy is mandatory and essential during the examination period. Explore some of these super food to help your child remain active and alert during these hectic period.

You love them for different reasons, but do you know that blueberries are nature’s brain packages? Yes, these are rich in antioxidant quantity.  Hence, these have the ability to greatly improve decision making, numerical ability, memory, verbal comprehension, and much more.

Pumpkin Seeds
Having several fat components which are important for brain health, such as ELA and ALA, these tiny food items are packed up with zinc. Actually during stressful times, body uses more zinc. Having pumpkin seeds serves to be a faster replacement and keeps stress away.

Known for several health benefits, nuts are all good for you every time. Having right nutrients, fats, and a tiny bit of carbs, these nature’s energy packages are easy to eat and carry.

Besides of keeping the doctor away, apples contain high levels of acetylcholine. In simple language, it increases movement and sensory perception. These are wonderful at reducing anxiety.


Bone Broth
This simple drink is highly popular to aid pain management in auto-immune disorders. Along this, it helps in attaining a powerful sleep and rest time. It keeps you more refreshed.

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