5 things You Should Consider Before Joining Economics Tuition

Students generally feel intimidated by economics when they are first introduced to it. This is mainly because not everyone can understand and internalize abstract economics concepts with a lecturer reading off key points from PowerPoint slides. To many, this is absolutely useless and ineffective and unfortunately, the reality is as such. Tutorials do not help either because college tutors are always in a rush to finish going through assignments by flashing answer keys on the visualizer. Moreover, tutors don’t have the time to give students personalised feedback about their progress (which is absolutely essential for progress to take place).
Due to the hectic schedule in school and not having sufficient help, students end up feeling hopeless. The best way to get out of this visceral space of helplessness and fear is to seek the help externally, beyond college, and many students choose to opt for economics tuition apart from having personal consultations in college with their tutors.

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Schools would have briefly gone through the skeleton of the entire topic and students would have been told to read the specifics by themselves as a means of “self-learning” or in other words, “independent learning”, hence causing students to be clueless as what is going on besides being aware of the topic very vaguely, at a superficial level.
With economics tuition, tutors will provide special guidance which will be customised to suit every child’s specific learning needs. They will ensure that their students understand the fact that performing well in the examinations requires one to be well-informed of what the syllabus’ learning objectives are, as well as having a clarity about what each topic has to say (which requires students to read articles pertaining to the topics being learnt to put theoretical concepts into perspective).
It is important to consider a few aspects before joining a tuition centre or hiring a private economics tutor since weighing out the pros and cons and taking a look at the necessary aspects will help with making the right decision that benefits you.

So, let’s take a look at the 5 things one should consider before joining economics tuition…


This is an important question to ask and usually, this is one of the first few questions that rise in one’s mind. One needs to take a look at the tuition fee rate and check if it is affordable. Tuition rates may vary from one centre to another and it is usually dependent on several factors like where the tuition centre is established (rental rates are concerned), the expertise of the tutors, the resources supplied to students, the activities arranged by the tuition centre, etc. Top tuition centres in general charge at a pretty high rate because of the combined effect of the above-mentioned factors. Expensive tuition rate does not necessarily mean that the quality and standard is just as high, hence it’s alright to work within a budget.

Juggling school work and tuition will be exhausting. This is the predominant reason why taking a look at the available tuition timings is important. You could ask about the available tuition timings and go for the best option. One should be comfortable with the lesson timing because being tired during lessons will be useless and it will be impossible to reap the benefits.


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It’s good to know about the kind of resources that the tuition centres provide the students with. The practice, test papers and assessments act as great practice tools for students to sharpen their skills in handling questions and to also force themselves to work efficiently under time-restrained conditions. Mastering economics is all about practicing as many papers as possible, being exposed to as many essay questions and case study as possible as well. The more students get used to writing, the easier it gets and the faster they get at writing during examinations.

Upper secondary and junior college students who have to spend a lot of their time in schools due to extended curriculums and extra-curricular activities which are very time-consuming and extremely exhausting. It will be great if students don’t have to travel a long distance to attend tuition sessions and if its private economics home tuition, that’s even better an option. Otherwise, students will be exhausted during class hours and that is counterproductive.

It is good to ask around about the tutors who work at the tuition centre you are planning to join and this will give you an idea of whether it will work out for you. There will be many senior students who would have benefitted from tuition as well and listening to their experience will give you clarity and that will help with making the right choices.

Tuition is of great help for students and it will be a driving force for them to accomplish their academic goals. If you ask the right questions, you will get the right answers and be able to gather the right information to make the best choices for yourself!