5 Time Management Strategies for Primary Students

5 Time Management Strategies for Primary Students

Besides your performance, there are many things that determine your success in school and effective Time management is one of them. Time management not only helps you complete your work on time but also allows you to allocates adequate time for study and games. That’s why keeping your things organized and properly scheduled makes the difference.

Here are the easy time management tips all primary students must follow:

Make Priority List
Start your day with the list of activities you need to do first. For that you must know your routine activities and estimated time for that. Record your daily activities and set a specific time to do that. For example, keep the studies at the top of the list being followed by game and other activities. In study column, add your subjects and know which you like to start with.

Know the Time
After making your daily plan, add a further column against each activity which would be named as the time column. Estimate the time taken by each activity and check if you have some spare time.

Keep Time for Rest
You will be exhausted after switching from one activity to the other. So, you need to take small breaks between your tasks. Try some Yoga and Medication.

Use Organizing Tools
Gadgets can be helpful to maintain your timetable. Keep calendars, notepads, watch, and time controllers for your aid. You can set your tasks and alerts on several digital devices like smartphones and computers.

Know Your Deadlines
Keep your time management sheet updated with the emergency tasks before their date like submission of paper or exam schedule to avoid the last minute hassle.

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