6 Simple Tips to Motivate Students

Young children are always curious to learn & experience new things and unearth the mysteries surrounding them. It is very important for parents and tutors to guide and motivate them so that the ideas budding in them can mature into something productive.

Listed below are 6 simple tips to motivate students:

1. Encouraging words

Be it a classroom or home, tutors or parents should always use encouraging words. Use of certain motivating words such as ‘I will’, ‘I can’, and ‘yes’ breeds positive feeling and a sense of optimism in young minds. Also, you should restrict the use of negative words such as ‘no’, ‘never’, ‘maybe,’ ‘can’t’ as much as possible.
6 Simple Tips to Motivate StudentsToday’s stress filled world can very easily take its toll on anyone – young and old alike. Tutors need to make sure that students believe in their hidden potential more than their past record.

2. The Definition of Success

Often, children get confused with the real meaning of success; children shouldn’t be asked to score marks alone. They should be asked to focus on learning. Inquisitive children are more likely to do well in all sphere of life, including academics.

3. Incentives Work

It’s important to reward a child for all his big or small achievements every week. The theory of awarding incentives for a positive performance works much better than ‘carrot & stick approach’. Even if you’ve got dedicated private tutors in Singapore to look after academic progress of your child, make sure you’re in touch with them to find out how well your child is doing. If he’s made some progress, take him or her out for a picnic or somewhere else. Rewards help children realize that their performance is indeed recognized.

4. Kick the Stress

You should find some time to sit down with your child (at least) once a week. Find out if he or she is facing any problems in studies or at school. It doesn’t take much to troubleshoot things that are bothering a child. Some encouraging words and wise answers can go a long way in making a child feel that s/he is indeed in safe zone. Children can analyze situations on their own but it’s you who has got to help them through everything.
6 Simple Tips to Motivate Students

5. Accountability is the Key

It’s the responsibility of parents and tutors to track a child’s progress. However, you should always inculcate the habit of taking responsibilities and accepting poor performance in children, without of course de-motivating them.

6. Teach the Ways of Improvement

You should look into what is required to improve your child’s performance. You can suggest him ways of improvement or write them down on paper for him to refer to later in times of need.

With a few simple steps you can let your child feel motivated and can pave way for his inclusive development.