6 Tips for Choosing a Chinese Tutor for Primary to Secondary Classes

It is a pretty common understanding that the Chinese language is challenging one and something that is difficult to master even if parents are of descendants from families that have always spoken the Chinese language.

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It is true that to be able to learn Chinese at a proficient level, you need to know about 2500-3000 characters. However, this seems like a true challenge when students relate themselves to traditional methods of learning Chinese. However, the best way to learn Chinese is to start with the basics of stroke order and improvement of handwriting.

A lot of students require special assistance in order to perform well in their language because there is no way one could pick up the skills by themselves. This is the main reason why students decide to opt for Chinese tuition at an early stage.

Here are 6 Tips for Choosing a Chinese Tutor


Usually many tuition agencies ensure that they have tutors who are well-versed and capable of handling a wide range of age group in teaching children. They may be Higher Chinese students seeking Higher Chinese tuition from various levels like primary level or even secondary level. With a wide range of tutors available and ready to guide students, there is often no need to fear because they will take care of it all.


This is a good sign and a great way to understand a Chinese tutor’s expectations and their demands as a tutor. The personal statement is a good way to gauge what the tutor’s teaching style would be like, how they would train their students and what kind of results they expect from examinations.



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Tutors have a pivotal role in moulding a child’s perspectives, building on his or her knowledge and inculcating moral values and virtues. Today parents expect a home tutor to not only be their child’s educator but also to be their moral compass and to be a trusted companion.
With Chinese language tutors, it’s a natural response for tutors to be extra caring and they will be there for their students to support them and guide them in both academics and in decision-making beyond academics.


Chinese primary and secondary school tuition teachers make sure that they keep their lessons engaging and most importantly, to teach according to the student. Every student is unique and tuition teachers mould their teaching style to suit accordingly.


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Tutors also understand that young children especially, often have a different line of thinking and in order to understand that, it requires them to get into the headspace of the children they tutor. You need to look out for such tutors when hiring them! That will be the best solution to your improvement in grades.


The vicissitudes of modern life require tutors to evolve along the way, and home tutors do more than just educating their students but they play an active role in guiding them to travel on the right path. Tutors would make the effort to explain the pros and cons of certain academic-related decisions or career-related decisions and ensure that their students are well-informed and mature enough to do what’s best for them in the right way.


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Good Chinese tutors will connect with parents and communicate with them. They will keep it casual in their communication, not make a big deal out of small problems or issues and they will update their student’s parents about their progress and let them know how they can assist their child. This will be a good step to assist in the progress of children.


It is certainly not easy to be a Chinese tutor because there are lots of nuances to the language. Moreover, training a student is not as simple as it may seem. It may be a Primary 4 Higher Chinese home tutors or a secondary 2 higher Chinese home tutors; it doesn’t matter. They all have the same amount of patience and affection for their students!