7 Benefits of Working as a Home Tutor

Home tuition jobs in Singapore has gained prominence and many students seek help for almost all subjects as the method of studying has drastically changed. This can be owed to the changes in expectations of students as well as the changes in education syllabus which encourages students to be critical thinkers.

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So needless to say, this is the perfect time for those who are searching for home-based jobs in Singapore to take up home tuition.

Here are 7 benefits of working as a home tutor!


Firstly, home tutors earn a lot of money. In this day and age where there is a higher demand for tuition than ever before, any tutor can easily get a handsome earning. The amount earned can also increase depending on the qualification of the tutor.

Home tutors are also able to charge more than other tutors as they have to travel to the students’ houses which acts as a convenience fee. Even though tutors have to spend money on travel expenses, their ability to charge higher more than makes up for it.


With this higher rate and the ability to take as many students as they want weekly based on their schedule, home tutors can end up earning a lot more than people think. Home tutoring can also be done part-time which can be very useful for university students as they will be able to apply the knowledge that they learn and earn a lot of money at the same time.


Secondly, home tutors have a lot of freedom compared to other tutors and school teachers. School teachers are bound to a specific syllabus, lesson structure and pace. They have to assign previously specified homework and have very limited control over the coursework.

Tutors, however, can choose what topic they want to teach and what order they want to teach it. They can also decide on how deep they want to go into certain topics. They have the freedom to decide their own course materials, homework and assignments.

Being able to teach however they want can be very appealing for many which makes home tutoring seem like an ideal job. Home tutors are also able to decide their own working hours which most other tutors are not able to do.


Thirdly, home tutors have the ability to understand their students much better than other tutors. Home tutoring is usually one to one and this interaction allows tutors to talk at a more personal level with the students. Having the freedom to digress during lessons allows tutors to understand their students’ characteristics and personality.

They can more easily analyse their student’s strengths, weaknesses, learning style, etc. Tutors can thus alter their teaching style based on what will be most beneficial for their students.

Moreover, being a friend to the student will help to strengthen the relationship between the tutor and student, increasing the understanding between the two parties. This will allow the student to feel comfortable with the tutor and enjoy lessons much more making them more effective and fun.


Home tutors are able to form a stronger bond with their students as compared to other tutors. An added benefit is that tutors are also able to interact with the students’ parents much more. No matter how much closer home tutors may be to their students as compared to other tutors, they will never be as close as the parents.

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Parents have a greater understanding and may have useful information about their children that can help tutors greatly. Parents are able to see how often their child studies and how hardworking they are which is something tutors are unable to see.

By understanding how much effort their students put in, home tutors can tailor their lessons accordingly. They can also inform parents on what the student needs to do so that parents can enforce it which makes sure that the tutoring is effective.


Home tutoring is beginner-friendly for tutors who are new to the business. When tutors first begin their career, it may be very intimidating to teach in front of a large group of students. Many tutors may think that tutoring is not the job for them once they panic in front of a crowd of students. Home tutoring places tutors in a calm and controlled environment.

Once home tutors are familiar with how tutoring works, they can choose what type of tutor they want to be based on their preference. Home tutoring also provides tutors with many transferable skills that can be useful for those who do not wish to pursue tutoring. The 2 main skills that tutors learn are communication skills and patience which are essential for many other jobs.


Home tutors have more control over their students as compared to other tutors. No matter how friendly a tutor may want to be, it is still necessary to show students that they need to respect them.

Although some tutors may face no problem keeping a large number of students under control, many inexperienced or shy tutors may be too overwhelmed by them. Having one-to-one tuition allows tutors to ensure that the student is disciplined.

One-to-one tuition also allows tutors to be able to monitor everything that the student is doing during lessons. By ensuring that the student is paying full attention during lessons, tutors can increase the effectiveness of their lessons.


Tutoring is an emotionally fulfilling job. Tutors start off their journey by meeting someone new who is struggling with their studies and desperate for help. As time goes by, tutors will be able to see their students become stronger in the topics that they initially were struggling with.

They can see their students developing not only in terms of academics but also as a person. They can feel proud knowing that they have positively influenced someone’s life.

This emotional fulfillment is the main reason why tutors continue with their career no matter how stressful it may become!