7 Questions to ask before joining a Tuition agency

Teaching is such a noble profession and it’s an extremely enjoyable and satisfying job too. There is definitely an opportunity to get a work-life balance and on top of all of that, you are answerable to no one else but yourself. The importance of tuition has gradually increased and the demand for it is still on the rise. More students seek help beyond their school in their academics because the demands and expectations have evolved to become more challenging. The modern term that educational experts and policymakers now use to describe their students is “21st-century competencies”. Much more is expected from students nowadays than what was expected a decade or so ago.

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The education syllabus is moulded to train students to be critical thinkers, effective problem-solvers and eloquent speakers who can communicate their thoughts succinctly. Hence tuition teachers are great helping hands that guide students along to achieve success in academics.
An aspiring home tuition teacher in Singapore, however, has to pick the right tuition agency to “advertise him or herself” because the launch of one’s career as a tuition teacher depends on which platform he starts from.

So, here are 7 questions to ask before joining a tuition agency…

Question #1: What is your area of expertise in teaching?
Question #2: What would you set your tuition fees to be?
Question #3: Is the tuition agency popular for producing results?
Question #4: What are the expectations you have for your students?
Question #5: How would you communicate with your students’ parents?
Question #6: Would you track your students’ progress and discuss it with their parents?
Question #7: How will you handle students who have a short attention span?

It is important to answer these questions because it determines what kind of decision you make and what your actions will eventually be. In order to kick start your career, you need to be able to write a good personal statement which pretty much answers some of the above questions about your teaching strategies and expectations for students.

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In the internet platform, on a tuition forum, there are thousands of tutors who have the profiles set up, hoping to attract students. You need to incorporate reasons into your write-up as to why you are the kind of tutor students are looking for. Your personal statement needs to radiate amicability and trustworthiness, and it would reflect that are you are a committed and responsible home tutor.
Though the benefits of a convincing personal statement may seem incorporeal, it will indeed herald a great change in your tutoring career, as more students would want you to be their tutor and there comes the opportunity for you to expand and grow your career over time.
You would have gone past the school-system based education and have experienced the phase of their life where they had to make a decision about your career. As a tuition teacher, you need to be aware of the current career options and be informed about the future developments and possible demands in the different sectors so that you will be able to give appropriate advice. As such, you will get an idea as to how you can guide your student who is confused about what to do in the future.

Tuition is a great way for students to improve and excel and it will be a driving force for students to accomplish their academic goals. If you ask the right questions and associate yourself with the right tuition agency, you will pave the path for success in your career over time. Gather the right information and make the right decision!