7 ways of helping your child with maths at home

Mathematics is a subject that is fun as well as equally challenging. For some students, this challenge can be exciting, while for others, it causes fear and anxiety. Approaching Mathematics with enthusiasm is very important and this may not be practically possible for everyone since not all students have the innate quality to perform well in math or even be able to like it as a subject for that matter.

Mathematics is utilized in every facet of our life. Hence the reason why mathematics is an extremely important subject. It is a prerequisite to the entrance of many courses in the university, to get hold of good subject combinations when moving on from secondary level 2 to 3 or when entering junior college.

So, here are 7 ways of helping your children with Maths at home!


Some interests are innate while others are cultivated. There is nothing wrong about cultivated interests and in fact, it is important to learn how to do this in order to get past many things in our life which may seem unpleasant. Creating that enthusiasm in Mathematics can be done through learning simple math concepts through fun activities.


Source: raisingselfawareness.com

Students need to have internalized concepts completely and should have the formulas at their fingertips. This will be challenging for students because everything will be new and it is very easy to get lost in the crowd of formulas and the myriad of topics. In order to proceed to the more advanced levels, one needs to build on what has already been learned.


It is crucial for students to “ritualistically” practice every day and stays proactive in seeking help immediately. The practice of trying out different questions and strengthening concepts is essential to score good grades. This goes beyond helping a student to excel in math; it helps him or her to succeed in life.


Math home tutors will take the necessary effort to understand their students’ weaknesses and strengths, and they will further analyze to find the reason behind why their students make the mistakes they make.  Singapore math tutors are all well-aware of the syllabus and its requirements, as well as the kind of challenges students, are bound to face. 


One has to accept and rise and falls in life and that applies for Mathematics as well. There will be many tests that you will underperform in but it is important to never take anything to heart. Persistence and strong-will are important. That is the secret to success and great people can vouch for this. 


The first step to gaining knowledge is to admit that you do not know something. Being attentive during tuition sessions, and be willing to listen to the extra information that is being shared will bring a student a long way. It does not matter is an ‘A’ grade appears in one small test. What is crucial is consistency and a mind with a clarity that hard work has to always be present. 


It can be exhausting to constantly be studying because the brain has its limits. Your mind needs breaks to refresh itself between study sessions. Spacing out study sessions with breaks in between which allows you to entertain yourself with hobbies which will keep the enthusiasm going. 


Math may seem like a challenging subject but it’s definitely possible to excel in it over time, with patience, persistence and proper guidance from good math tutors. On the students’ part, confidence and determination should always be present to stay motivated no matter how arduous the journey may be.