A Brief Overview On How To Do Well in Chinese Comprehension?

In attending any comprehension regardless, the language, it is important to be well-informed of what the text passage has to say to its readers. Some information might be more important than the others. Hence it is essential for students to be able to differentiate and pick out important phrases, sentences, etc. This is also a test on students’ skills on vocabulary, grammar, writing skills, and so on. It may not be of the same level of difficulty for all children because not all of them have the same level of fundamental knowledge. 

Some children may have a better understanding of the basics because their family members make it a point to communicate in their mother tongue at home. On the contrary, for other children it may not be the case, which deprives the opportunity for them to familiarise themselves with the language out of school curriculum. 

Nonetheless, in an exam-point-of-view, students need to be able to master every section of the question paper. So, here is an overview on how students can tackle Chinese comprehensions or how to do well in Chinese Comprehension


Students at times practice the sections which seem easy to them and remain reluctant to practice the more “difficult” sections like comprehension. Students find it daunting to read long passages; they do not have the patience and hence they unnecessarily lose marks. Students need to get into the habit of reading the passages twice, and that way they will get more clarity. 


The first few questions would most likely be direct questions, which are much easier to answer and it is not required for students to spend a long time in finding the reference in the passage. The answers are mostly found within the first few paragraphs. Children can use the keywords in the text and that will be the way to score their marks.

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The last few questions however start to get slightly indirect and students need to be able to decipher what they are being asked for. Children need to take a look at the question format in order to answer accordingly; not all the questions have the same format of answering. Chinese tuition teachers are the best people to guide children through this because they will teach the appropriate techniques to use and guide them on how to answer succinctly as well!


Vocabulary skills are important for students to excel in language papers. This helps in better understanding of the comprehension passage as well as to rephrase sentences to avoid lifting from the passage (which will be penalised if done so). By reading more, students will pick up on the pace of reading through a text passage, they will be more comfortable with the comprehension section. Students will be able to grasp answering techniques much easily as well!


It is important for children to be guided at every step of the way because excelling in a language is not an easy job. If students are let alone to suffer, they may develop a hatred and that is not what we want. Children need to love the subject and continuously work hard to get better at it!