Advantages Of Pursuing University Education In Singapore

Singapore is pretty much an education hub to which students from different countries flock over to pursue their higher education in. Over the past few decades, Singapore has made tremendous progress in various fields, especially in science and technology. Developments in these areas is in the need of the hour and Singapore has stepped up to ensure that its graduates are skilled enough to enter the workforce with confidence.

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Not all countries are suitable for higher education due to many factors like safety concerns, living conditions and communication barriers. Singapore has some unique features to it, which is particularly attractive for students from abroad to pursue their university education here. 

Here are some advantages of pursuing university education in Singapore!

Easy Communication

You do not need to be so well-versed in English to communicate with the locals; nobody speaks Shakespearian English here! Everyone communicates with simple terms and thus understanding and conveying information is extremely easy. Moreover, locals in Singapore tend to speak many languages. Hence you could easily run into someone who actually speaks your mother tongue, which will make you feel at home at times.

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The longer you stay in Singapore, the easier it becomes to communicate with different people. Mode of communication with the locals at the hawker centre will be different from the kind of communication you would have with professor at the university. It may seem like either ends of the spectrum, but you will eventually get used to it and it’s easy to convey information, thoughts and feelings easily since everyone speaks English. 


Since the country is a huge proponent of diversity, the community is multicultural and it embraces everyone’s differences. Singapore’s multicultural setting makes everyone feel integrated and accepted. People look starkly different from one another, speak different languages, they have different ethnicities but everyone lives harmoniously with one another.

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History has taught as that if we are intolerable of others, and if we do not have the heart to accept differences, it will lead to disputes and disharmony. Our former prime minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew encourages Singaporeans to embrace each other and be supportive of one another no matter how different we may be from one another. The words, “United we stand, divided we fall” keeps the country standing strong till this day. 

It’s this unity in the country which is extremely appealing for students to pursue their higher education in Singapore. 

High-quality Education

Students in Singapore are used to a good quality of education since school days; tuition teachers and school teachers are well-versed and have the expertise to guide their students well. In university education, though there is no spoon-feeding or one-to-one guidance (a lot of learning is done independently), the quality of education is never compromised as the scope is wide and subjects are dealt with in great depth.


Professors will be willing to help should there be doubts; thus, students need not feel inhibited in asking questions. Universities like National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University are internationally recognised as well. Singapore’s education system is top-notch and has a global reach; this enables students to grab hold of opportunities anywhere around the world based off the degree they earn and the experience they gain in Singapore!

Singapore is a beautiful and safe country which is always welcoming of people from different countries. The environment is friendly and inviting and there will be a plethora of opportunities for students to explore themselves, grow and shine!