Before You Engage a Tuition Agency

The first step in finding a tuition agency is to locate a reliable tuition coordinator. He or she will be associated with a tuition agency that has a good reputation and reliable standing in providing quality tutors to students. Before looking for reliable tutor be very clear about the needs of the child. His school teachers should be taken into confidence and a detailed feedback should be contained from them. The parent should closely monitor the progress of the child, his grades and personality changes if any. Only when a parent is fully aware of the specifics of the child will he be able to convey them to the tuition agency.

tuition coordinator

Have a look at the points to be considered before hiring an agency for tutors.

1. Registered Tuition agency

A search on the internet will reveal that there very few tuition agencies and quite a handful of tuition centers are regulated by the Ministry of Education. However in Singapore, tuition agencies are not regulated by MOE. But it is mandatory for all agencies that offer education services to parents to be registered with ACRA. When looking for an agency, the first step should be to ensure that it is a registered one. Registered agencies have a fear of complaints being filed against them in case and go an extra mile to maintain their reputation.

2. Check for Registration

All tuition agencies that are registered with ACRA have a unique BRN or UEN number and it would be displayed on their website. Most agencies post their registration details to satisfy any fears about illegitimacy. Any site that does not have it should be dropped from the short list immediately.

3. Choosing a Tuition Agency

Parents can choose between liasioning with a tuition coordinator or interview potential upfront. A parent needs to be very clear about his special requirements and expectations from the tutors. He can either convey his needs to a tuition coordinator who in turn can shortlist tutors for the child or search for tutors personally. While choosing a tutor his teaching methods and experience in teaching will be the most critical factor.

4. A Good Tuition Agency

There are many tuition agencies in Singapore who allow parents to search for tutors by an advanced filter method. Parents and tutors are arranged to meet personally and understand the needs of the child and discuss the expectations. When going through an agency the parents and the child’s interest are safeguarded. In case the arrangement is not successful most agencies will offer a complete refund and replacement at no extra cost. An agency will guide the parent at every step of the way.