Benefits of History Tuition for Secondary Students

Though people claim to be living in the present, people always plan for and worry about the future because the past has taught us that the wrong decision can cause situations to go down south and out of control. Historians do not perform surgeries to save lives, nor do enforce the law like lawyers or police officers.

History Tuition

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The benefits of historical study are less tangible seems almost useless. In fact, it acts as the basis for all decision making that we do as human beings ranging from solving small issues to enacting major national policies.


History is known to be a content-heavy subject with lots of complicated names, dates and places and years written and there will lot of cultural references that we would be unable to relate to, for the most part. This is why understanding the cultural basis, understanding the human nature of greed, anger, and patriotism and the curiosity to explore human characteristics is important.

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Understanding different perspectives and analyzing the reason why people take different sides is crucial in digesting history. There is a famous saying that history depends on who gets to tell the story. This basically means that history students need to be analytical enough to look at different spheres. They should be able to separate facts from interpretations.



History is a subject that requires a lot of reading. Without tuition teachers, students must try to pick their own articles online to read about certain events in history. However, students must be careful not to pick articles that give a biased opinion on the event. Even if they do pick an article that is biased, they should read multiple articles that support both sides of the event.
However, without a tuition teacher, students may not know which articles are biased and may themselves form a biased opinion about the event. This may impact their essay grades adversely since it is important not to show any heavy bias when debating about the topic.
A private secondary school in Singapore can help to keep these biases in check by picking articles for students to read instead of students picking them. They can also help students detect pre-existing biases so that the students can correct them.

Secondary 3 History tutor
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Similar to all other subjects, history also requires a lot of practice doing case studies and essays. However, the practice papers given in school may not seem sufficient for students to become proficient in writing. Moreover, finding practice papers that actually help is almost impossible for history, similar to other humanities. Even if students do find practice papers online, they will not be able to mark their answers by themselves.
They can try giving it to their school teachers to mark but the teachers may take too much time to mark and return the papers due to their heavy workload and sometimes the teachers may not even be free to mark the papers. Secondary 3 and 5 history tutors can help to solve both these problems.
They can help to find practice questions for the students to answer and may even make up their own questions for the students to think about. Moreover, they can also help to mark the papers once the students have finished. This will help to save a lot of time for the students.

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School teachers can rarely personally talk to students and clear their doubts. Clearing doubts and learning how to answer the questions effectively is very important for history. In school, students will only be given information on topics and suggested formats for answers but not many tips. Most history case studies and essay questions require students to relate past events and what they learned from it to current events.
Students that are new to history will not be able to do this easily. They may not be able to learn an effective method to so in school. School teachers will focus more on concepts, topics, and information rather than answering techniques. Tuition teachers can help to bridge this gap by giving tips to the students.
History tuition teachers are experienced in answering these questions and will be able to tell students what steps they took while writing the answers. This will greatly improve the quality of the students’ answers.


It is crucial to solving predicaments and issues when it’s still at its initial stage. If secondary school students feel that they struggle with history, then they should opt for History tuition asap!