Best resources to have while learning Macro Economics

Economics is a subject that may seem challenging to begin with, but really, it isn’t as such in reality. However, to get to that stage of ease with the subject is the real fight. It is difficult to understand concepts that seem broad and on top of that there are so many details that makes memory retention such a laborious process for students indeed. Memorising content is half the battle and to win that, students have to understand what they ought to memorise, which is what most of them struggle with.

Learning Macro Economics

Economics is studied in two broad categories, which is microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics is the foundation to economics; about what economics is all about and how it functions. On the other hand, macroeconomics is all about the bigger picture which covers broader concepts and in order to understand concepts from the macroeconomic perspective, one’s microeconomics foundation has to be strong.

The sad reality is that, the way economics is being taught in schools is ineffective and is just not enough. There is no way one could possibly understand and internalize abstract economics concepts in a cold lecture theatre alongside hundred other students with one lecturer reading off key points from their laptop. Tutorials do not help either because college tutors are always in a hurry to finish going through assignments by flashing answer keys on the visualizer.

Due to these reasons, students feel that what they are being given in their school or college is not enough and they require more resources to supplement their academics in order to perform well.

The best resource that a student can make use of outside school or college to excel in Macroeconomics is to attend Economics tuition; it could be a private one-to-one or a group tuition at a tuition centre.

So, let’s look at how economics tuition aids students!


We have already established the fact that economics tutors in school and colleges do not have enough time allocated for them to thoroughly cover every topic in depth, and clarify their students’ doubts. Economics tuition bridges the gaps that the system has created in learning and many students are able improve their grades drastically by opting for economics tuition.

Tuition teachers break down the big picture into smaller “puzzle pieces” so that information can be conceived easily. Students do not fear examinations because they are well aware of the content down to the smallest of details. A good tutor will identify their students’ learning gaps, review their students’ writing style they will provide their students with immediate constructive feedback.

Tutors also encourage their students to read economics articles to acquire knowledge beyond the lecture notes or textbook in order to tackle essay questions with confidence. Economics tuition ensures that students understand concepts, that they are well aware of information beyond the syllabus and are up-to-date with current affairs and most importantly students know how to apply that they have learnt in order to perform well in their exams.


When writing evaluation for Macroeconomics essays, it is based on factors like, state of economy, time lag, supply side and demand side factors etc. Tying your arguments back to the question and weighing the costs and effects to synthesise a conclusion is one of the challenging parts of doing economics. All this comes with practice and good guidance (through personalised teaching) from your economics tutors. Over time, what seems difficult will become easier.

In conclusion, Macroeconomics is an extremely fun and exciting area of economics to study about. It may seem intimidating in the beginning but if you seek help from your economics tutor and clarify your doubts in the early stages without causing things to snowball, you will be on the safe side. As long as you get the necessary help from your economics tuition teacher outside school, that is more than enough in terms of the resources you need to excel in this subject.