CHIJ Launches Fund to Help Needy Students, On its 160 Years Celebrations

The Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ) School held it’s celebrations for 160th year, recently. Over the years, the school has churned out students with exceptional educational records and well balanced individuals. The celebrations for the 160Th year were held in a grand way and saw a huge attendance by ex and present students.

The Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus

Let’s read some more about this event and this premier education institute.

1. The IJ Spirit Fund

On the occasion of the anniversary celebrations of CHIJ, the school management has announced the establishment of a IJ Spirit Fund. It has been set up by a CHIJ alumni association.

2. Aim of the IJ Spirit Fund

The fund is created to help students studying in the primary and secondary school in the region of Tao Payoh. The fund will also be utilized to spread the school motto – ‘Simple in Virtue and Steadfast in Duty.’

3. The Values

The fund is based on the ideology that each and every girl child should have access to every opportunity in the society. This would only be possible with a sound education base. The fund is designed to tap the potential of all girls in order to help them succeed in life.

4. Attempt To Make A Guinness Record

The students of the school also attempted to create a new Guinness Record on the occasion. The attempt was to make the biggest human chain of only girls, along with chimes, while singing the school anthem. They have been officially given a place in the Singapore book of records.