Common questions about your young child’s Music Education

Music is a vital part of our lives. Not all of us can become music composers or singers but most of us can surely become music enthusiasts. Children should also be introduced to music keeping this fundamental in mind.

Let them try their hand at it and then deduce their actually inclination. The first step in this process is finding a good teacher. There are many reputed schools offering music lessons in Singapore.

Let’s take a look at a list of common questions parents’ ought to ask about their child’s music training even if it’s the best music school in Singapore:

1. Is my child ready?

Observe your child when there is music playing in the background or on the TV.

If you see her relaxed and humming, she is definitely observing it and has an aptitude for it. Get a play version of an actual instrument and see if she plays with it regularly and is interested in the real thing or not.

Start looking for an institute that provides music education in Singaporeand has reputed teachers.

2. Which is the instrument for my child?

Most music teachers at music schools in Singapore will advise on starting the kid on a piano first.  It is easy to play for most children.

Once the child is a little older, he can shift to another instrument of his choice. Piano lessons are the fundamentals of a music education.

3. Choosing the right teacher?

You can take references from friends and teachers at school. Shortlist teachers and meet them in-person. Keep the following points in mind-

  • Some teachers will want the child to be competitive and others will want him to relax and enjoy the art.
  • Some may stick to the traditional way of teaching, while others may want to impart a mixed bag of styles.
  • Choose between group lessons or private music lessons at home.
  • Ask the teacher if he or she will encourage children for public performances.