The Importance of a Conducive Learning Space for your Child

Children have a natural tendency to have a small attention span; they become easily restless and they yearn to learn new things as the same subject matter would bore them out. Home tuition in Singapore is the most famous option that many seek as it provides a good environment for children to learn the subject in depth. Study Room Singapore has also gained some attention recently for their innovation in sparking interest for education within students.

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A comfortable learning environment is of utmost importance for children to study well and often times students as well as parents are unaware of what a conducive environment means.

Some things that one should keep in mind before designing a good learning space are:

  • Study room should have enough sunlight exposure (The room should be brightly lit as dim lighting may cause one to feel tired and rundown)
  • A wide study stable would provide enough space for books, notes and other electronic devices to be placed.
  • A study lamp to have enough lighting to study after sunset
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Some habits that children should follow to avoid distractions:

  • Keeping phones and other electronic gadgets far away
  • Having a bowl of snacks and some beverage or water readily available if they might get peckish (Getting up to go to the kitchen to grab some snacks often might cause unnecessary distractions)
  • Avoid studying on the bed as that might cause laziness and they might end of taking unplanned naps
  • Making a study schedule

There are many things that students can do create a good learning space for themselves and in the process of discovering what works and doesn’t work for them, parents need to also guide them and be involved to see what else they can do to help in that situation.


Home tutors are some of the best people who can guide children in the right way and their presence itself creates an optimum study environment. Home tuition on a weekly basis would set students on a steady pace in learning as they will accumulate their questions for the week to clarify them during the tuition session, they would have been told to complete tuition assignments or they may have been assigned to read up about a topic or read a chapter in advance.

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When direct instructions are given, students tend to follow it with diligence and discipline. If children are told that they should manage their own schedule, their playful nature may cause them to be a little lethargic about planning out their study routine. Some children may just simply be unaware of how they should manage their schedule and about how they can possibly keep themselves busy.

Home tuition would be a useful tool for students to seek advice from their tutors about study techniques and to seek clarifications regarding the subject that they are being taught.


Children these days are locked down by their gadgets and devices that no child has the interest to even play outdoors or read a book or two when they are bored. Everything has been reduced into a mobile phone and children are heavily distracted by everything that these electronic devices are able to provide them with.

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Parents should not strictly confiscate their children’s phones, laptops or iPad as that will create more resistance and children would become less obedient as they may feel as though their own parents are infringing on their “freedom”.

The better approach that parents can follow is to explain the possible distractions that these devices can cause which may have an adverse effect on studies and examination results. Children are more likely to accept an explanation like this as opposed to plain instruction or strict order with no reason explaining the reason behind it.


Ergonomically, every product that is being used should be user-friendly, it should suit the purpose, and it should be long-lasting. The phrase “Form follows function” is a principle of architecture and industrial design in general, which states that the shape of a building or object should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose. As per this concept, a conducive study environment should be carefully designed to meet the needs of the individual.

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Many parents would think that there isn’t a need to invest a whole lot of money in this as its importance is often not known. Children need to feel comfortable and motivated to study in that space that has been created for them. The space should have lots of natural lighting, it should be well-ventilated, spacious and the room should have enough shelves to keep the appropriate books arranged neatly.

Perhaps some motivational quotes (which you can ask your child to pick and choose) can be stuck on the walls to remind them of the importance of education to always be ambitious and to always strive for excellence.


A good learning space is not just dependant on external factors such as the study room, the desk and chair; it’s also dependant on the child’s mentality and personal motivation to study. Parents need to spend time with their children and talk to them about why education is necessary and about the things they should be grateful for.

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Communication is key

Children are stuck in their own bubble and unaware of what is happening around the world. There are many children out there who are deprived of the opportunity to go to school and many children study under street lights as they cannot even afford to light a lamp at home. Parents need to talk to their children and make them understand that there is a lot to be grateful and in fact, being well-off means that there is a social responsibility to work diligently and give back one day.


A conducive learning environment is dependent on not just external factors; the mind plays an important role as well. Hence, children need to be a 100% involved and present, both physically and mentally in everything that they do!