Conquering the nuances and complexities of Tamil Language for Secondary school students

Tamil language is known to be one of the most ancient languages of the world, dating back beyond 5000 years and it has gone through its own evolution over many centuries.

Its rich literature is contributed by great poets such as Thiruvalluvar, Thirumoolar, Avvaiyar and Kambar, who used their power of knowledge to point out the flaws of society and educate people about the importance of righteousness and integrity through their writing prowess.


The language is abundant in nuances and this is complex to learn for students and its huge task for Tamil tutors to teach it as well. Many initiatives are taken by Tamil tutors and by MediaCorp to train Tamil students to learn the language easily. Few years ago, a Tamil Language mobile app for pre-school children ( was released and many activities get held at Umar Pulavar Tamil Language centre annually.

There is continuous focus on teaching Mother Tongue Languages in schools ( as being bilingual definitely helps an individual become a better communicator and it helps us hold on to our roots as well.

Here are some ways students can improve their Tamil language skills with the guidance of their Tamil teachers!


In order to master any language, one has to cultivate the habit of reading. It has to become almost like a daily ritual in order for things to become easier. Students need not start reading advanced literature; its more than enough to start simple with short stories and newspaper articles.


There is never an end to vocabulary words in Languages in general and Tamil Language is no exception. When new words are seen in repetition through frequent reading, the word bank in your mind grows exponentially.

This is the best option to learn new words and to learn about grammar and sentence structure, as opposed to reading pages of the dictionary.


Reading, communicating and writing require different set of skills and if you are good at one, it does not necessarily mean that you have the same expertise in the rest of the areas.

The most common mistakes that Secondary school students make while writing essays is,

  • a lack of wide scope in content
  • making grammatical errors (mainly sentence structure issues)
  • a lack of vocabulary
  • a lack of usage of idioms and quotes from ancient literature

Tamil tuition teachers will be able to guide students to correct these errors through one-to-one tuition and though it may take time to see some progress; the result of the effort and patience will be worth it.


There are various verses in poems which can be quoted in essays which enhance the quality of it and adds credibility and value to it. The greatest poets in history of Tamil language have strength in the command of their language and they convey great philosophical ideologies in as few words as possible.


Parents have to introduce these to their children from a very tender age and from then onwards in school, teachers will take it forward and further teach them the importance of learning them as well.

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