Don’t stop them – Video Games are GOOD for your Kids!

Parents often get worried due to their kids’ annoying habit of sitting before the screen and playing their fingers on the video games for hours. They force the parents to scream and shout throughout the day. Of course, video games stop them from playing outdoor sports in fresh air and affect their eyes. But, if guided properly, video games can improve their reaction time, cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, much more.

Don’t stop them - Video Games are GOOD for your Kids!

Experts say that the fondness of your kids for a particular game helps build the same traits in them.

For instance, if your kids love to play Minecraft, he could probably learn creativity and problem-solving. Or if he or she’s fond of playing Clans, they are certainly learning good management and leadership.

Almost every child plays video games. But, leaving your kids to play for long unsupervised is definitely a bad idea. Here are a few tips for the parents to guide their kids while playing the video games, instead of depriving them.

  1. Go for ‘Freewares – These video games are so addictive that the kids become so “glued” to them that they spend plenty of dollars on them. As a parent, watch out for many of the “free-to-play” games designed deliberately for those who cannot afford to spend much. This would save you a lot on your pockets.
  2. Fund games – Look out for games in which games can grant real money to get a chance to win advantages, like the ability to complete tasks immediately that would prevent your kid from waiting for hours and days.
  3. Single Player Game – Choose single player games that end up when the player beats the final obstacle.
  4. Learn to balance – Teach your child to maintain a balance between playing video games and other pursuits, such as watching movies, doing sports, eating timely, cleaning up their mess and studying.
  5. Don’t restrict – Imposing restrictions, time boundations when it comes to playing video games can make your kids feel annoyed. Rather you can sit along with them and enjoy playing together.

Banning them from playing video games is really bad move. Instead enjoy together and making them learn to manage time and other responsibilities is what you should do as a parent.