Dr Fong Ho Kheong – ‘My Pals Are Here ! ‘

Most children below 21 years of age have learnt addition from a math book with characters that looked flurry and taught you how to calculate and build blocks. The book is published by Marshall Cavendish Education and has three series now. It was first introduced in schools in 2001 and it got a great response.

Dr Fong Ho Kheong


Let’s read some more about it.

1. Dr. Fong Ho Kheong

The man behind this book is Dr. Fong Ho Kheong a former teacher of Maths. Who after retiring took it upon himself to teach teachers how to teach Maths. So successful have been his books that they have already been introduced in over ten countries, from Chile to Brunei.

2. A Long Journey

It was in 1999 that he was first asked by a publisher to write and since then there has been no looking back. He took up the challenge and started writing a book that empathizes on strategies, concepts and other topics of learning.

3. The Back Ground

Dr. Fong Ho Kheong was born to middle class parents in Malaysia. He graduated with a Math degree from the University of Malaya. He has completed a PhD in mathematics education form the King’s College London, University of London, in the year 1992. He presently resides in Sydney with his wife and is busy churning out more books in Maths.

4. Centers For Learning

Dr. Fong Ho Kheong has recently opened a center for enrichment in Sydney that uses ‘Brain Builder program’ to teach children Maths. The centre today has over 100 students. He has opened similar centers in Kuala Lumpur, and is planning to open one in Singapore in 2015.

5. The Foundation Of Leaning

Dr. Fong Ho Kheong believes in imparting learning to children in two ways. The first is the basic skills in numerals and the second is to enhance the thinking skills. The pictorial approach is used to solve problems and make Maths interesting.