Extra activities to add extra strength to student’s character!

In order to compete with the world, the schools are merely focusing on the high scores in academics. Now the government too feels that there is something missing in the proper built up of these future citizens. It is their character. Hence, the government now decided to put in efforts for this concern. Rolling out their recent program for the 2015 academic year, Anies Baswedan, the Culture and Elementary and Secondary Education Minister brought their new ideology to the limelight. With a great emphasis on nurturing the character of students, the rule makes it compulsory for the private, public and vocational schools in the country to imply the plan for character-building.



Image via: 4-designer

What it includes?

The all new character building plan, stipulated in Ministerial Regulation No. 23/2015 adds 15 minutes daily reading practice before start of their classes. In this reading session students are free to read anything besides their textbooks. For the time being, the school principals have been given authority to decide what kind of books their students will read.

The second thing added to this character building program is that the students of all the schools will be required to sing a nationalistic song. It can be an old song like “Indonesia Raya” or the contemporary song like “Bendera” (Flag) by rock band Cokelat. This needs to be done before they start with their studies.

In addition to this, they will have to sing a traditional song before they leave for their home.

Why it is important?

The reason behind these extra activities may vary. But, are they really important?
The answer to this most commonly asked question is ‘Yes’. Here are some reasons to prove this:

  1. 1. Better development: It is high time to step ahead of the one-dimensional teaching system and look for a better future. This will help in overall development of the students.
  2. 2. Improved grades: It has been observed that the students who interestingly take part in such extra-curricular improve significantly in their studies too. Better academic grades, self-esteem, motivation and time management becomes a habit of them.
  3. 3. Innovative minds: Another benefit is that they learn new and useful new skills. Integrating these activities into their daily lives, they incorporate critical thinking, teamwork and learn different social skills. It expands their mental skills, which is helpful in later life and in the workplace too.

Thus, it is now the parents and teachers to encourage students to look forward the importance of such extra activities and help them in their character building!